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City of Wetaskiwin

The city of Wetaskiwin is about 70 km to the south of the city of Edmonton in the province of Alberta. This city is conveniently located at the intersection of Highway 13, Highway 2A, and the Canadian Pacific railroad. As per the 2016 census, the population of Wetaskiwin was 12655. And this was an increase of 1% from the 2011 census. Beginning in 1892, Wetaskiwin grew to a small town in 1902 and then to a city in 1906. Though it has a small-town feel, this city has all the amenities for relaxation, dining, shopping, activities, and cultural festivities. The city of Ashoro is a Sister City of Wetaskiwin since 1990.

Economy of Wetaskiwin

Interestingly, Wetaskiwin reports the highest per capita car sales in the country. This is due to the “Auto Mile” initiative by the auto dealers and the low costs of cars. There are many local businesses, entrepreneurs, and local events to improve the economy. You may invest in over 700 businesses and this city is near to air, road, rail and transportation routes. The Downtown Edmonton at 70 km, Leduc at 35 km, Red Deer at 97 km from this city. And the International Airport is a distance of 48 km, Wetaskiwin has its benefits. Retail businesses, construction, industrial, educational, agricultural, manufacturing, forestry, fishing, hunting, health care, and fishing are other industries here. The Wetaskiwin Regional Chamber of Commerce may support you with resources if you wish to invest in the city.

Main Attractions in Wetaskiwin

There are many attractions in Wetaskiwin that visitors throng every year. These include Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin & District Heritage Museum, Alberta Central Railway Museum, and the Canada Aviation Hall of Fame. Since 1909, the Water Tower is a landmark of the city. The Manluk Centre, an aquatics, and fitness facility have a leisure pool, slides, steam room, wave machine, whirlpool, etc. The City Hall is a beautiful historical structure made of red brick, sandstone, and glass. By-the-Lake-Park is an artificial lake with a big picnic area and during winter you may enjoy many activities. These include tobogganing, pond hockey, canoeing, winter fishing, and watersports.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Wetaskiwin

The average cost of car insurance in Wetaskiwin is $1,301.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Wetaskiwin

Most Expensive Auto Insurer in Wetaskiwin

We compared the car insurance rates in Wetaskiwin by some insurance providers using a sample car and driver profile. The Economical Insurance had the highest annual car insurance price at $1544. This was a variation of almost 27.46% from the cheapest auto quote. RSA had the next highest quote with a difference of $19.

Cheapest Auto Insurer in Wetaskiwin

Millennium Insurance had the lowest car insurance quote at $1120. Wawanesa Insurance was next to a difference of $17 in annual cost. At a difference of $32, SG Canada had the next lowest annual price for car insurance.

Car Insurance in Wetaskiwin Neighborhoods

The above table compares the auto insurance prices for various neighborhoods in Wetaskiwin. Surprisingly most of the neighborhoods had the same annual quote at $933. Only the neighborhood of Hobbema had a lower cost for auto insurance at $881.

Getting Around Wetaskiwin

If you want to travel by air the Edmonton International Airport is also nearby. The city also has a regional airport. You may use the Wetaskiwin Commuter Transit system to travel around the city. Some of the major highways that connect Wetaskiwin are as follows:

  • From south of Red Deer to the north of Leduc, connects Wetaskiwin
  • To the east side of Camrose and up to QEII Highway
  • Highway 13 connects to QEII and is the main link between Edmonton and Calgary

Now, Wetaskiwin does not have a dedicated public transit system. However, there is a Wetaskiwin Transportation Society Handi-Van that offers paratransit. Greyhound services connect the city with Red Deer and Edmonton but are limited in capacity. So, there is a lot of scope for improvement for public transit program in Wetaskiwin.

Life in Wetaskiwin

There are many options for an active lifestyle in Wetaskiwin. For shopping options, you may find many local businesses, rentals, grocery stores, etc.  Or, you may shop at big box stores such as Safeway, Walmart, No Frills. Marks Work Warehouse, Shoppers Drug Mart etc. For healthcare, there is a 24 -hour emergency long-term and acute care. For education, there are many public, private, separate schools managed by the Wetaskiwin Regional Public-School Division. The NorQuest College offers post-secondary educations

Wetaskiwin Police

The RCMP has a detachment at Wetaskiwin and provides various policing services for the city. These include police certificates, criminal record checks, crime reporting, vulnerable sector checks, and much more. The city has many protective services to safeguard the public from crime. The city has a Fire Department, Emergency Management, Community Peace Officers, Safety Services along with Guardian Ambulance.

Wetaskiwin City Initiatives

The city website updates any road closures on a regular basis and you may plan your trip as per the online info. Public Works Department takes care of the maintenance of traffic and street signals, facilities, parks, and trails etc.

Winter Maintenance in Wetaskiwin

Snow removal is done by the city Public Works department in residential areas on a proactive basis. They may put up signage to indicate this such as No parking, Snow Removal or All Streets.

High Traffic Intersections in Wetaskiwin

Some of the intersections in Wetaskiwin that has high traffic levels are as follows:

  • 47 Street and Highway 13
  • 36 Street and Highway 13
  • Garden Meadows Drive and 36 Street
  • 50 Avenue and 56 Street
  • 49 Street and 40 Avenue
  • Transportation Master Plan Update

The city initiated the Transportation Master Plan in 2011/2012 and has since then made many upgrades. These include Highway 2A on 56 Street and 50 Avenue that got a left turn signal. They also upgraded 50 Street and 49 Street. This allows for east-to-west traffic movement out of the downtown core. In 2016, the city recommended improvements based on a 10-year analysis. They also reviewed school and playground speed limits for zoning purposes and public safety. Traffic control at intersections will be improved as per the long-term strategy. The city would enforce regulatory speed limits and also introduce bylaws for better parking and traffic movement.

List of Car Insurance Companies & Brokers in Wetaskiwin


* Methodology

For the survey, we assumed that the auto insurance premiums are for a 35-year-old man. He owns his car Honda Civic model 2012. The credit rating is good and he has basic liability coverage. The annual mileage ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 with no traffic tickets in the last 5 years.

Insurance quotes shown here are examples only. The lowest cost insurance provider depends on numerous factors related to the car, driver, location, and driving conditions. There’s no guarantee that the lowest rate provider in these examples produces the lowest rate for every driver.

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