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The City of St. Thomas

The city of St. Thomas is in the southwestern part of the province of Ontario. It is the seat of the County of Elgin and belongs to the London metro census area. As per the 2016 census, the city population was 38909. This was more than the 2011 population of 37905. Bowling Green in the state of Ohio is the sister city of St. Thomas. The downtown area is beautiful due to more than 3 km of painted murals, Victorian buildings, and lush parkettes. You may shop at more than 300 shops, services, and choices of restaurants. The city prides on much locally-owned clothing, jewelry, arts, antiques, boutiques, etc. The Downtown Development Board represents this zone on behalf of the city to promote the area.

The economy of St. Thomas

The industry that provides economic development in the city includes automotive manufacturing. Sterling Trucks, Ford, Magna, Lear Seating were very active before the recession in 2008. Then in 2010, Takumi Stamping, a Toyota supplier, and Masco Canada got around 500 jobs to the city. Now, hospitality or any manufacturing industry can benefit in St. Thomas due to positive factors. These include utilities, building costs, partnerships, low operation costs, and tax cuts.

The Railside Centre and the Elgin Mall have major retailers you may choose to shop for all your needs. These include Superstore, Walmart, The Source, EB Games, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Payless Shoes, Metro, over 40 stores, and a Galaxy Cinema Theater. All these establishments provide employment to the residents and visitors of St. Thomas. There are farm markets to choose your organic grocery and produce. These include Horton Farmers Market, Briarwood Farm Market, and the Saltcreek Farm Market.

Attractions in St. Thomas

There are many parks in St. Thomas. These include the Waterworks Park, Pinafore Park, Jonas Street Park, Lions Club Dog Park, Kettle Creek Dog Park. The V.A. Barrie Park and Waterworks Park have disc golf courses. On the west part of the city, there is the Elgin Military Museum. In the central part of the city, there is Elgin County Railway Museum. Interestingly, 29 Ontario Craft Brewers converted the Submarine HMCS Ojibwa to Railway City Brewing Company in 2009. Some of the popular sports planned for the upcoming year include Floor Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Spring Hockey, Skating.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in St. Thomas

The average cost of car insurance in St. Thomas is $1,844.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in St. Thomas

Most Expensive Auto Insurer in St. Thomas

We did a comparison of the auto insurance quotes in St. Thomas by some major insurance companies. Allstate Insurance had the highest annual cost at $2089. This was a 23.07% variation from the lowest quote. Pembridge insurance had an annual cost lower by $52 and Coachman had a quote $65 lower than Allstate.

Cheapest Auto Insurer in St. Thomas

As per the above table, the Cooperators insurance had the cheapest annual quote at a cost of $1607. Johnson Insurance had a quote at just $8 higher. But Desjardins insurance had an $88 higher annual quote than Cooperators insurance.

Car Insurance in St. Thomas Neighborhoods

Most Expensive Areas for Car Insurance in St. Thomas

The above chart compares the neighborhood car insurance quotes in St. Thomas. At $1118, the annual auto premium, the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation had the most expensive cost. At a $3 lower annual quote, the neighborhood of London had the next quote. And Mapleton neighborhood had a $48 cheaper auto annual price.

Least Expensive Areas for Car Insurance in St. Thomas

Surprisingly, as per the comparison chart, 3 neighborhoods had similar annual auto quotes at $1064. These included Aylmer, Dutton-Dunwich, and Lawtons Corners neighborhoods.

Life in St. Thomas

The city of St. Thomas has many villages along the lakeside, towns that are picture-perfect and historic hamlets. This city still has an old-time charm. This is visible in over 457 acres of land with more than 35 parks. There is a 166 beds hospital, arts, and cultural amenities, college, and other recreational facilities. The St. Thomas Elgin Ontario Works Department offers many services to the residents of the city. The education sector in St. Thomas has many options that include many Catholic, public, private, and high schools. There are school boards to cater to each type of curriculum. Post-secondary education is available through Fanshawe College satellite campus and Algoma University.

Getting Around St. Thomas

The city of St. Thomas is very accessible through many transportation modes.

Roadways and Highways

You may access St. Thomas city by many highways that connect to the city. These include Kings Highway 3 and 4. This further connects to the city of London through Highways 401 and 402. The St. Thomas public transit offers para-transit and conventional transit and Voyageur Transportation is the contractor.


For air travel, the St. Thomas Municipal Airport offers military, corporate, public, and private services. The Great Lakes International Airshow is an event that attracts many every year for the two days event. The 5050 feet runway, four IFR approaches, and six runways are a great classic air show.


Railways also connect this city with Ontario’s farm markets and St. Thomas has a strategic location. The cities of Toronto, Buffalo, Detroit and Niagara Falls are less than a couple of hours away by road.

St. Thomas Emergency Services

The city has a Fire Department to take care of any fire emergencies. They take the responsibility of working to keep residents safe. St. Thomas Police Services has 160 years of history and along with some agencies, they take responsibility for public safety. These include traffic safety, crime prevention, apprehension, detection, and investigation. They also have had a canine unit since 2013.

St. Thomas City Initiatives

The city takes care of the repairs, construction, and maintenance of 192 km of roadways. The Roads and Transportation Department is responsible for the city road developments. They perform a variety of maintenance activities throughout the year to keep the city safe for all road users. The road surface activities such as asphalt repairs, inspections of sidewalks, curbs, gutter, cleaning, patching, shoulder repairs, and sealing cracks. They repair Bridge surfaces, patrol, remove roadside litter every year. Monitors traffic safety devices for effective guidepost, control signage, street and pavement markings. In Winter, the city gears up with sanding, salting, snow plowing, removal, and snow fencing to keep the streets clear. Maintains and repairs streetlights and traffic signals at optimum conditions to facilitate emergency, routine, and traffic operations.

The city of St. Thomas TMP Plan (2008–28)

The city of St. Thomas initiated the TMP plan in 2008 for the next 20 years and contracted to Paradigm Transport Solutions. A very complex long-term Urban and Residential development plan is the purpose of this TMP. It aims at improving the transportation in the city. The Works department monitors the implementation of this plan. And this TMP will have many positive outcomes in the coming 20 years for the future generation.

List of Car Insurance Companies & Brokers in St. Thomas


* Methodology

For the survey, we assumed that the auto insurance premiums are for a 35-year-old man. He owns his car Honda Civic model 2012. The credit rating is good and he has basic liability coverage. The annual mileage ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 with no traffic tickets in the last 5 years.

Insurance quotes shown here are examples only. The lowest cost insurance provider depends on numerous factors related to the car, driver, location, and driving conditions. There’s no guarantee that the lowest rate provider in these examples produces the lowest rate for every driver.


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