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City of Pembroke

The city of Pembroke is a city in the County of Renfrew in the province of Ontario. However, it is independent politically. It is at the junction of Ottawa and Muskrat Rivers by the Ottawa valley. Pembroke was a small town in 1878 and then became a city in 1971. It is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pembroke. As per the census of 2016, the population of Pembroke was 13882.

Economy of Pembroke

Between the cities of Ottawa and North Bay, Pembroke is a big commercial hub. Prominent industries are forestry, farming, lumber, fibreboard, plywood, hydro poles, veneer, and office furniture production. Major employers include Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, CFB Petawawa, Chalk River Laboratories, and GOCO laboratory. Tourism is a major player in the economy due to the proximity to Trans-Canada Highway. Algonquin Park, white water river rafting are major attractions in the southwest part of the city.

Attractions in Pembroke

The downtown area in Pembroke has about 30 beautiful murals that depict the rich history of the city. These include logging to steam engines. The Champlain Trail Pioneer Village & Museum, Pembroke Hydro Museum are famous. Every year, the city hosts Old Time Fiddling and Step Dancing Festival at Riverside Park. The city of Pembroke, Petawawa township, and Laurentian Valley operates a 600 plus seater Festival Hall Community center. The annual Silver Stick Regional Minor Hockey Tournament in Pembroke also attracts many during winter. Pembroke also hosts the Kings Sports Tournament every year and has a public library. The city Parks and Recreation Department plans and implement special event and bookings to use the facilities. Other attractions include Pembroke Marina, Kinsmen Pool, Riverside Park Tent & Trailer Campground.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Pembroke

The average cost of car insurance in Pembroke is $1,328.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Pembroke

RankAuto Insurance CompanyAnnual Rate
1The Cooperators$1,112
2Travelers (Dominion Product)$1,159
3Travelers (Chieftain Product)$1,200
6Gore Mutual$1,361
8Desjardins Insurance$1,481
9Wawanesa Insurance$1,492

Most Expensive Auto Insurer in Pembroke

The above table compares car insurance quotes in Pembroke by insurance companies. This shows that Allstate insurance had the highest annual quote at $1560. Wawanesa Insurance had the next highest annual quote with a difference of $68. The variation between the most expensive and cheapest quotes was almost 29%.

Least Expensive Auto Insurer in Pembroke

As per the above comparison chart, the Co-operators had the lowest annual car insurance quote at $1112. The Dominion product by Travelers had a quote higher by $47.  Their Chieftain product had an annual quote of $88 higher than the quote by Cooperators.

Car Insurance in Pembroke Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodsCar Insurance can be as low as

Comparison of Auto Insurance Prices in Pembroke Neighborhoods

Interestingly, all the major neighborhoods in Pembroke had similar annual auto quotes at $864. So, car insurance would be your last criteria when it comes to house hunting. These neighborhoods included Stafford, Riverview, Hiam, McGuire, Petawawa, and Pikwakanagan.

Life in Pembroke

Pembroke has a smalltown industrial and commercial vibe with a small community and lots of recreational options. You may shop at Pembroke Farmer Market, Downtown Main Street, West End Mall, and Pembroke Mall.


In Pembroke, there are 3 Catholic primary schools 3 public schools, 2 secondary schools, and 2 French schools. The Upper Ottawa Valley High School Athletic Association manages all the schools in the County of Renfrew including Pembroke. The Algonquin College in Ottawa has a campus in Pembroke.

Healthcare in Pembroke

The healthcare services in Pembroke have developed a lot and the Pembroke Regional Hospital is a regional healthcare facility. It has an affiliation with the University of Ottawa’s Medicine Faculty. This acute care hospital offers maternal, childcare, surgery, mental health care, emergency, intensive care services. Patients visit this hospital from Petawawa and further down due to the amenities, diagnostic tools, and treatment facilities.

For long-term care, the Miramichi Lodge, a non-profit 166-bed facility provides specialized services. Marianhill is another community and faith-based facility to serve the seniors during their long-term care and support. Then there is the Integrated Health Centre for prevention of pain and illness management. Various locations in Pembroke have mental health care centers including the Mental Health Services in Renfrew County.

Getting Around Pembroke

The city of Pembroke has the largest commercial and industrial service hub between North Bay and Ottawa. Due to its central location, Pembroke is well connected to other Canadian cities. You may easily access Pembroke from about 150 km to the north of Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and St. Lawrence Seaway.


Located along the Ottawa River, major overland Renfrew routes connect the city from end to end. These include Trans Canada highway 17, highway 41, highway 60 which are provincial highways. Then there is highway 148 which connects to Quebec province across the Ottawa River. Pembroke city is located alongside the beautiful Ottawa River in the eastern part of Ontario. This city has services by all major highway routes within Renfrew County. It has good connections to the Trans Canada Highway 17, highways 41 and 60. So, you may quickly access all the way to southern Ontario.


You may travel from Pembroke Airport which is just 10 km from the Downtown core. And has a very advanced regional airport terminal. Corporate and charter services operate on a 5000 feet runway. Then the Pem-Air has scheduled flight services to Toronto until 2000. Now the GO Air Express has replaced these services with an extension until 2003 but is now discontinued.

Pembroke Public Transit

There is no public transit in Pembroke except for some services by Greyhound Express. However, in 2018 new bus services will have more transit options with Ontario Northland making additional stops. These include routes from the Ottawa-Sudbury line to highway 17 passing along Renfrew County. Though limited in capacity and routes, this will give some relief to the residents. Especially those who travel to Ottawa and Sudbury daily for work or school.

Pembroke Emergency Services

In 2013, the Pembroke Police Service Board handed over policing services to the OPP. The policing procedures follow the same routine that other surrounding municipalities in Ontario where OPP operates in small stations. After business hours, a call taker will dispatch an officer to the station. In 1922, the Pembroke Forest Fire District helped fight the forest fire in 17 districts using fire towers.

Pembroke City Initiatives

The Operations Department under the Committee Council of the city is responsible for the city infrastructure and its maintenance. They take care of the bridges, water mains, sewers, garbage, recycling, collection, municipal roads, sidewalks, utilities, and capital projects. The Capital Works and Engineering Department takes care of the signals, signages, streetscapes, parks, facilities, water distribution, collection, etc. The city staff has engineering consultants who plan, grade, develop, construct and expand city roads.


The Road and Fleet department under Operations takes care of curbs, pedestrian signals, culverts, boulevards, ditches, and traffic line installations. The city maintains and repairs about 215 km paved roads, 60 km sidewalks, 3.34 unpaved roads. And all paved roads get winter repairs too. The city repairs sidewalks by concrete and asphalt patching, line painting street sweeping, grading, and dust control.

Winter Maintenance

Once the snow level reaches 2 inches, the city starts snow plowing along with sanding and salting operations. The city gives priority to sidewalks, the downtown area, the local and secondary routes for public safety. After a snowstorm, the city strives to clear out major routes within 24 hours.

Pembroke Developmental By-Law Plans (2016–2021)

The City of Pembroke has adopted a strategic By-Law developmental plan to improve residential and non-residential expansions. As per this plan, a new fire station and Opticon Priority Control System will improve emergency response in Pembroke. The transportation system will see improvements in terms of better infrastructure. These include more intersections, expansion of streets, new operations department services, new sidewalk, sand, salt plow vehicles, and bridges.

List of Car Insurance Companies & Brokers in Pembroke

Insurance CompanyStreetCityProvincePostal CodeTelephone
Stewart Ray1041 Pembroke St EPembrokeONK8A 6Z3(613) 732-1957
McDougall Insurance & Financial177 Pembroke St EPembrokeONK8A 3J6(613) 735-4128
EGM Insurance270 Lake St,PembrokeONK8A 7Y9(613) 735-0621
The Co-operators306 Pembroke St EPembrokeONK8A 3K31 844-301-4026
Limestone Financial224 Pembroke St WPembrokeONK8A 5N21 888-679-1112


* Methodology

For the survey, we assumed that the auto insurance premiums are for a 35-year-old man. He owns his car Honda Civic model 2012. The credit rating is good and he has basic liability coverage. The annual mileage ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 with no traffic tickets in the last 5 years.

Insurance quotes shown here are examples only. The lowest cost insurance provider depends on numerous factors related to the car, driver, location, and driving conditions. There’s no guarantee that the lowest rate provider in these examples produces the lowest rate for every driver.

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