Today’s modern technology has now hit the insurance industry. Ontario drivers will now have the option of eliminating their pink paper auto insurance slip. Insurance Companies will now offer electronic proof of insurance in addition to the paper version. This new option will begin being phased in over a one year time period.



The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR)  approved the electronic version plan as an option for Canadian Drivers to readily display their proof of insurance using their mobile devices. All drivers in Ontario are required by law to have automobile insurance to be in compliance with the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act and Ontario laws. Having proof and the ability to produce the proof of auto insurance is a very important part of driving.

When the most Available?

Ontario received approval for electronic proof of automobile insurance on September 5, 2019.

The responsibility will fall on Ontario drivers to ensure they can display proof of insurance on their electronic devices.

Rod Phillips, Finance Minister, has stated that the ability to display the pink paper slip on a phone will be a more convenient way for many drivers. He also stated the insurance slip will not be eliminated as of yet. Phillips said this will eliminate the need for rummaging through the glove box for that little pink piece of paper. This transition will take place over a one year period.  Insurers will begin upon request from their customers, issuing the electronic version as well as the paper version.

Provinces Already on Board With Electronic Insurance Slips

Currently, drivers in  Nova Scotia, Alberta, Labrador, and Newfoundland have the ability to display their insurance slips electronically. Phillips stated that Ontario drivers should also have the option of taking advantage of this modern technological convenience as well.

Nova Scotia was the first province to receive approval for electronic pink slips in January 2018. Alberta received approval in August 2019. Newfoundland and Labrador received approval in July 2019. Ontario will become the fourth province to receive approval.

The Insurance Industries Benefits of Using the e-Slips

Insurance companies will reduce the costs of printing and mailing out insurance documents. They will also be able to meet clients expectations and needs for the digital availability of insurance documents. Brokers, by sending electronic copies to clients, will meet the benefits of the CISO solution regarding delivery and eliminate the need to send paper documents.

Drivers Benefits of Using the e-Slips

Driver using smart phone

Ontario drivers will enjoy several benefits.

  • They will have the ability to display their electronic version of auto insurance pink slips as they will always have them readily available.
  • Drivers will not have to worry about ensuring they remove the pink slip from their policy packages and placing them in their wallet or vehicle.
  • The drivers will always have the most current up to date proof of automobile insurance. Drivers will no longer have to store an abundance of insurance paperwork.
  • This change will also allow for more competition in the insurance market, allowing drivers better deals.
  • Drivers will also avoid fines for not producing valid automobile insurance during a traffic stop.

If you do not provide proof of auto insurance at the time drivers are stopped they can be charged with “Operating a motor vehicle without insurance” or “Failure to surrender insurance card”. Driving without insurance can result in a $5000 fine. Failure to show proof of auto insurance can result in a fine of up to $500. If you are driving another person’s vehicle and cannot provide proof of insurance, you risk facing the charge of failure to surrender evidence of insurance. This infraction results in a fine of $65.

Insurance Companies



Canada’s largest insurance company made a recent announcement that it is now available on the Intact and Belairdirect applications, an enhanced digital proof of insurance of the pink slip. This digital proof of insurance is valid in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Newfoundland, and Labrador.


aviva car insurance

The second-largest insurance provider, Aviva Canada, are very happy with the Provinces decision to approve the electronic version. They are currently talking about their plans to move onto the next phase. Phil Gibson, the managing director of Aviva’s personal insurance, advises they will continue to meet with other regulators and governments to advance the electronic version of the pink slips in their provinces.



President of CAA Insurance, Matthew Turack, stated that this paperless option is a welcomed move and is a great advancement for the auto insurance industry. CAA Insurance’s recent study indicated that almost two-thirds of the survey respondents were interested in the electronic version of proof of automobile insurance.

Insurance Companies will still issue pink paper slips for 1 year.

Responsibilities of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies in Ontario will now be responsible for making their clients aware of the new digital proof of automobile insurance capabilities. They will also provide their clients with the option of going digital. It is the responsibility of the insurance companies to ensure they provide the requested digital version to their clients in a timely manner. Insurance companies must explain to digital proof of auto insurance users that the digital version is only accepted in some provinces in Canada and some States in the U.S.A.

Responsibilities of Ontario Drivers

Ontario drivers that choose the digital version of their automobile proof of insurance will be responsible to make sure they download the pink slip and that it is readily available to provide to Law enforcement Officers and the MTO.

  • The drivers must ensure their mobile devices are charged and in good working order so they can display the required documents when required.
  • Drivers also must ensure it is the current and valid proof of auto insurance.
  • Also, drivers that rent or purchase vehicles will also be required to show proof of insurance. MTO requires proof of auto insurance when registering a vehicle, or renewing the licence and/or plates.

Risks Involved Regarding Ontario Drivers


There are still some uncertainties regarding digital proof of automobile insurance. Some questions regarding risk factors that still remain to be answered are as follows:

  • Can a Police Officer view other information on a person’s mobile device when it’s in their possession?
  • What security measures are in place to prevent fraud?
  • What happens if your mobile device malfunctions?
  • How does this process work when a third party is driving your vehicle?
  • What happens if a law enforcement officer drops my mobile device and breaks it?

The outcome as to the success or failure of this new insurance option remains to be seen.