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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for McLaren in Ontario

The average cost of McLaren car insurance in Ontario is around $205 per month.

In our research, we have used an example 35 years old male driver with no tickets or claims, driving the 2018 McLaren 540c 2DR couple. Our example driver puts 5000 annual KMs and has a G license.

Things To Know About Insuring McLaren Vehicles

  • McLaren Automotive, previously known as McLaren Cars is a British automotive manufacturer that was founded by Bruce McLaren.
  • The company mainly produces sports cars and many luxury model road cars.
  • McLaren produced many vehicles that were used on race tracks.
  • Many McLaren vehicles have spectacular reputations.

McLaren Model Factors That Lower Auto Insurance Costs

Mclaren 570S Racing Car

McLaren road car models would cost you less to insure than their classic or race car models. McLaren vehicles, in general, are more costly to insure. However, there are certain models that are cheaper to insure than others. The lower the value of the model the lower the auto insurance you will pay. Models with modern safety features such as automatic seat belts, blind-spot detection systems, driver and passenger-side airbags, anti-lock brakes and lane-departure warning systems can significantly lower auto insurance rates.

Tips For Finding The Lowest McLaren Car Insurance Rates


The only way to find the best McLaren car insurance rates is to shop around. There are many factors that come into play when insuring a McLaren car. These factors include the model of the McLaren vehicle, the value of the McLaren vehicle, your driving history, annual estimated mileage, and the location where you live. Typically most insurance companies offer bundle insurance. This means when you purchase several types of insurance from the same insurance company you will receive a bundle discount. Try to keep all your insurance needs with one insurance company such as auto insurance, homeowners or renters insurance, and life insurance.

Online Tools

online tools

There are many online tools for calculating auto insurance. These online auto insurance calculators will assist you in getting average car insurance quotes for your specific McLaren vehicle. Ensuring you keep a clean driving record significantly positively affects your insurance rate.

With today’s modern technology, many insurance companies are offering discounted rates if you enroll in a driving monitoring system that is accessible by the insurance company. This allows the insurance company to monitor your mileage and driving habits.

Drivers with little or no at-fault accidents and claims will typically pay a lower auto insurance premium. The insurance company may adjust your insurance rates accordingly pertaining to your driving habits and regular annual mileage.

McLaren Model Factors That Increase Auto Insurance Costs

green Mclaren

McLaren race car models typically will cost more to insure. The risk of McLaren race car models to insurance companies is much higher than McLaren road vehicles. McLaren vehicles with a very high value will increase auto insurance costs. The comprehensive aspect for most McLaren models will be high. However, it is important to have comprehensive coverage to protect your McLaren vehicle from many types of physical damage, for example, a tree falling on your McLaren vehicle. Including a new driver on your insurance policy will greatly increase your insurance costs.

Known Issues With McLaren Vehicles

Motor Transmission

There are a few reported issues with certain McLaren vehicle models. The following issues have been reported.

2013 McLaren RHD 12C Spider

This McLaren model has steel brakes. An owner washed the vehicle and stored it while the brake discs were still wet. This caused one of the calipers to freeze on the disc. Other than this issue which can be avoided, it’s a great vehicle.

2012 McLaren LHD 12C Coupe

The issue reported pertaining to his model was a faulty front tire sensor. Another driver reported having to replace a door lock and a water pump after 3 and a half years.

2014 McLaren LHD 12C Spider

A reported issue with this McLaren model was a faulty temperature sensor.

2015 McLaren P1

2 reported issues with this McLaren model were a loose rear side turning signal light and a failed Iris Infotainment System.

McLaren 570GT

A few drivers have reported issues with their 570GT McLaren models. Issues reported include replacement of door locks, jamming handbrake, ESC fault issues and alarm randomly going off day and night, and battery issues.

Recent McLaren Recalls


In April 2020, McLaren made a massive recall of almost 2800 vehicles. The recall was made due to a risk of fire caused by a foam pad that is under the fuel tank. The foam pad can absorb water causing the fuel tank to corrode. When the fuel tank corrodes it can lead to fuel leakage and in turn a potential fire. Two of McLaren’s vehicles experienced this issue which prompted the recall. The vehicles affected in the recall are:

  • 2016 – 2020 McLaren 720S
  • 2020 McLaren GT
  • 2019 Senna
  • 2017 – 2019 570GT

McLaren will replace the foam pad, and inspect the recalled vehicles for fuel tank corrosion. If there is fuel tank corrosion found, the fuel tank will be replaced as well.

Issues such as this can be a major safety hazard. Owners of vehicles affected must bring their vehicles in to be inspected/repaired due to the recall. Should owners of these affected vehicles neglect to bring them in for inspection/repair and a fire occurs, the insurance company may not honor the claim.

McLaren Takata Airbag Recall

Another recall made by McLaren was due to faulty Takata airbags, stating the airbag inflator with prolonged exposure to humidity and heat can degrade. The driver’s airbag was not affected by this recall. Faulty airbags are a huge safety risk, they can cause death or serious injury. Recall affected McLaren model years 2012-2018.

List of All Current McLaren Models

Current Models

Sports Series

  • McLaren 600LT – 2018
  • McLaren 600LT Spider – 2019
  • McLaren 570S – 2015
  • McLaren 570S Spider – 2017
  • McLaren 570GT – 2016
  • McLaren 540C – 2015
  • New GT – 2019

Super Series

  • McLaren 765LT -2021
  • McLaren 720S – 2017
  • McLaren 720S Spider – 2018

Ultimate Series

  • McLaren Senna – 2017
  • McLaren Senna GTR – 2019
  • McLaren Speedtail – 2018
  • McLaren Elva – 2020

Previous Models

  • McLaren 650S – 2014
  • McLaren 650S Spider – 2014-2016
  • McLaren 675LT – 2015
  • McLaren 675LT Spider
  • McLaren P1 – 2013
  • McLaren P1 GTR – 2014
  • McLaren P1 LM – 2017
  • McLaren 12C – 2009-2014
  • McLaren 12C Spider – 2011-2014
  • McLaren F1 – 1992-1998

The Early Years

  • McLaren M1B – 1965
  • McLaren M6A – 1967
  • McLaren M7A – 1968
  • McLaren M6GT – 1969
  • McLaren M16 – 1971-1976
  • McLaren MP4/1 – 1981
  • McLaren MP4/4 – 1988
  • McLaren F1 – 1993-1998
  • McLaren F1 GTR – 1995

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