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Things to Know About Insuring Infiniti Vehicles


  • Infiniti is the luxury brand of the Japanese automaker, Nissan
  • Though slower starting than Acura and Lexus, Infiniti’s reputation is as the Japanese BMW
  • As a brand, Infiniti models show average to better than average occupant protection
  • Typical for luxury vehicles, Infiniti models are expensive to repair after collisions
  • Most Infiniti model lines cost more for comprehensive coverage than other vehicles in their class

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost For Infiniti


The average cost of car insurance for Infiniti is $1,350 in Canada. It’s $112 per month.

The table below shows the Infiniti car insurance cost for a sample driver.

CityAverage Infiniti Car Insurance Cost*
Quebec City$798
Richmond Hill$1,434

Methodology: We surveyed Infiniti car insurance prices in select Canadian cities for the purpose of illustrating the average quotes for a male driver aged 35 years in the city downtown with an owned Infiniti Q50 4DR 2015 model car.

Please note that car insurance prices depend on many factors including your age, location, driving history, and more. So, to get a customized quote, enter your postal code above.

Infiniti Model Factors that Lower Auto Insurance Costs

modified Infiniti G35

When it comes to protecting occupants, Infiniti models do it right, a trait that many luxury vehicles have in common. No Infiniti model exceeds the average for accident benefit claims, as reported by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Certain Infiniti models perform better than average, with fewer claims for personal injury. These include the EX35, Q50, and QX56 four-door models. All other Infiniti models fall within national averages. Protecting occupants well lowers insurance premiums for these vehicles.

The Infiniti model leans heavily toward vehicle styles that traditionally draw a safe driving demographic. This may moderate some of the typical luxury car factors that increase insurance costs. Of the 11 models making up the 2016 Infiniti line, only the Q60 Coupe provides two-door sports styling. The remainder of the models is four-door sedans, sport utility vehicles, or crossovers. Those three designs, popular with conservative family motorists, usually have moderate insurance costs, due to the numbers of traditionally safe drivers the vehicle classes attract.

As with most luxury cars in today’s market, Infiniti seeks to expand luxury sales into younger, affluent drivers. Depending on the success of marketing, overall insurance company perception may change for Infiniti vehicles. This could influence insurance pricing up or down, depending on how demographics and attitudes actually shift.

Infiniti Model Factors that Increase Auto Insurance Costs

Car Suv Infiniti

Generally, Infiniti models cost more to repair after collisions. That’s not unusual for luxury car lines. There are a few model years that fall under national averages, such as the 2005 G35 four-door, which came in at just 89 percent of the national average. Compare that with the FX35 four-door all-wheel drive coming in at 208 percent. Most models and years show higher than average costs for collision repair claims.

Most Infiniti models also cost more to settle comprehensive insurance claims. The most common non-collision risks covered by comprehensive endorsements include fire, theft, and vandalism, as well as damage from extreme weather conditions such as hail. The G35 model line, however, is an exception to the rule, usually sitting within the average range for comprehensive claims. Some model years even came in under average. This improves the overall insurance premium performance of the G35 series models.

The marketing trend toward younger drivers could bring about conditions that place upward pressure on auto insurance for the Infiniti brand. Higher insurance rates for younger drivers are based on two characteristics lack insurance history and aggressive, inexperienced drivers. The latter of these, in particular, contributes to more common and more severe collisions. Should Infiniti models become involved in more accidents due to successful youth appeal marketing, all Infiniti drivers could see climbing insurance rates as insurance companies respond to the changing market.

Known Issues with Infiniti Vehicles

steering wheel

One of the biggest vehicle safety issues in the news is the Takata airbag recall, dating back to devices installed in 2014, in nearly every manufacturer’s vehicle. Car and Driver published a comprehensive guide assisting motorists of affected vehicles. Certain Infiniti models are among those recalled.

  • Infiniti 2008 EX35, 2009 FX35, and FX45 SUVs have a steering issue under recall.
  • 2013 Infiniti JX35 and 2014 QX60 have braking issues. The JX35 also has a front passenger airbag issue that’s unrelated to the Takata recall.
  • 2006 to 2010 Infiniti M models have an acceleration sensor that may cause stalling.
  • 2014 to 2016 Q50 sedans have an issue with the Direct Adaptive Steering system.
  • Infiniti Q70 from 2014 and 2015 as well as 2012 and 2013 QX56 potentially host fuel leaks that could cause fires.
  • 2014 to 2016 QX60 SUVs could have loose bolts that interfere with brake performance and steering control.
  • 2013 and 2014 Infiniti JX35 and QX60 models have hood latch issues.
  • The 2014 Infiniti QX60 could have lug nut problems leading to wheel separation.
  • JX35 and QX60 models from 2013 and 2014 respectively have a recall covering a braking issue.
  • Infiniti G series convertibles, coupes, sedans, QX SUV, and QX70 have no recalls outstanding at the time of publication.

Tips for Finding the Lowest Infiniti Car Insurance Rates

Finding the lowest rate for your Infiniti model is just the first step in creating the best deal. Ontario car insurance has a number of ways you can customize coverage, adding, modifying, or dropping aspects of protection to give you the plan you want.

One way of saving money that not all motorists investigate is through discounts. Each insurance company has its own roster of discounts, and not all companies offer all price breaks. In fact, even those insurers who do offer discounts won’t automatically apply these even when they know a driver qualifies. It’s not until the driver themselves asks for the discount for their policy that the insurance company acts.

So, what kind of discounts can an Infiniti driver look for? Many people already know about multi-line discounts. This takes effect when a driver combines home and auto insurance with one company. A discount applies to each policy. Some drivers, though, aren’t aware that some insurers offer the same for insuring a second car, recreational vehicle, snowmobile, or boat. Ask your company, agent, or broker what combinations apply to you.

When you find a company offering a better price, it’s possible some of them may recognize your accident-free status under your previous company. Even if you qualify for a loyalty discount with one insurer, it’s still a good practice to compare rates. Every company sets its own premiums, so a competitor may offer a lower price even without a discount for loyalty.

Infiniti In Depth


Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury vehicle brand, offers a wide range of sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. Although their range isn’t as varied as some of its competitors, they make an effort to manufacture vehicles with outstanding performance and technology. With Nissan’s reputation for reliability and customer service backing the Infiniti brand, sales of luxury vehicles are increasing each year.

Infiniti’s vehicle lineup in Canada includes the G and M car models, the EX, JX, and FX crossover models, the QX SUV, and a new line of performance models called IPL.

Popular Infiniti Models

Infiniti Cars:, Q50, Q60, Q70L, Q70
Infiniti Utility: QX50, QX60, QX70, QX80

Infiniti’s popularity in Canada is growing thanks to its excellent cars and the reputation of its parent company. The infinity G25 sedan and the Infiniti EX crossover are currently the bran’s two top-selling models in Canada.

All Models

Infiniti EX
Infiniti FX
Infiniti G35
Infiniti G37
Infiniti JX
Infiniti M
Infiniti M Hybrid
Infiniti Q50
Infiniti Q50 Hybrid
Infiniti Q60
Infiniti Q70
Infiniti QX50
Infiniti QX56
Infiniti QX60
Infiniti QX70
Infiniti QX80

Cost of Infiniti Parts

The parts for Infiniti’s models are mostly available in the Canadian market, but the cost depends on the model you buy. While Infiniti’s sedans are among the cheapest to repair and maintain, their SUVs are among the most expensive.

Damage Susceptibility Of Infiniti Vehicles

Models across the whole range of Infiniti are as reliable as one would expect from a Japanese car. They don’t particularly excel in reliability in the luxury market but do keep up with other well-known brands.

Likelihood of Theft

Most of Infiniti’s cars include a standard engine immobilizer and a presence key. They offer an elite anti-theft package that is standard in the industry and includes visible warning labels, pre-registered embedded body panel numbers, and window decals. These measures deter potential thieves because your auto parts are traceable and therefore not worth stealing.

Using our service, you can quickly and easily see how much it will cost you to get car insurance for a new Infiniti.

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