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City Of Clarence-Rockland

Clarence-Rockland is in the eastern part of the province of Ontario. It is part of the Counties of Russel and Prescott by the River Ottawa on the north. The Larose Forest lies beneath the south side. The amalgamation of Clarence Township and the Town of Rockland is the city of Clarence-Rockland. This city includes communities such as Bourget, Clarence, Cheney, Clarence Creek, Rockland, Hammond, and Saint-Pascal-Baylon.

Officially, this city has a bilingual designation and you may find new business signs in both French and English. As per the census of 2011, the population of Clarence-Rockland was 22770. It has flourished over the years and is in a strategic spot. This helps get a better quality of life and investment options. This city lies about 32 km to the east of Parliament Hill and around 145 km to the west of Montreal.

Economy in Clarence-Rockland

In Clarence Rockland, the agricultural industry is primary as the land has good quality soil and a favorable climate. No wonder it is the largest employer in this city. About 10202 hectares or 34% of the land in the city are for agricultural purposes. The high volume of production also attracts the options for processing plants. On the southern side of Highway 17, in the urban part of the city, there is a Business Park. This houses many companies, local and national. Clarence-Rockland has a vibrant and highly skilled workforce.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Clarence Rockland

The average cost of car insurance in Clarence Rockland is $1,381.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Clarence-Rockland

RankInsurance CompanyAnnual Cost
2Belair Direct$1,192
3The Cooperators$1,280
4Travelers (Dominion)$1,294
6Travelers (Chieftain)$1,356
7Gore Mutual$1,445

Most Expensive Auto Insurer in Clarence-Rockland

The above table compares the prices for car insurance in Clarence-Rockland by various insurers. Economical Insurance had the highest quote at $1622 and that was $490 higher than the cheapest quote. This was a variation of 30.20%. Intact Insurance had the next highest cost at an annual price cheaper by $49.

Cheapest Auto Insurer in Clarence-Rockland

As per the above comparison table for car insurance prices in Clarence-Rockland, Johnson Insurance had the lowest quote. They had an annual cost of $1132 and Belairdirect had the next best price at $60 higher. The Cooperators too had a close quote at $88 higher.

Car Insurance in Clarence-Rockland Neighborhoods

Clarence-Rockland NeighbourhoodsCar Insurance can be as low as
Clarence Creek$905
Saint-Pascal Baylon$905

Living in Clarence-Rockland

Clarence-Rockland has many growing residential areas, many sports arenas, stores, dining, specialty, and retail shopping options. It is a great place where you could live, raise a family and invest in a business. The quality of life is very good and there is a housing option apt for every type of resident. These may range from a condo to a spacious farmhouse in the rural part.

There are many options for economic development and access to emergency services. As well as a public transit system connects this city within and to surrounding cities in Ontario. Four school boards offer educational services and you have a vast choice when it comes to your kid’s schooling. This city has universities and 2 colleges within 30 min drive.

Getting Around in Clarence-Rockland

You may get around Clarence-Rockland easily by using the public transit Clarence-Rockland Transpo. They are a part of the Rural Partners Transit Service and offer Route 530 for Clarence Creek and Rockland. The same route also helps you connect to Ottawa and Gatineau. Route 535 serves the Bourget/St Pascal/Cheney/Hammond areas and also connects you to Gatineau and Ottawa. All bus routes run only on weekdays.

Recreational Options in Clarence-Rockland

This city has 3 sporting arenas with ice surfaces for various sports and associations. If you like ice skating or roller blades then you may check out The Joël Gauthier Skatepark. The Clarence-Rockland Museum is another attraction worth checking out with items distributed over 3 floors of the heritage building. You may enjoy theatre, sound, music, plays in the Optimiste Performance Hall that has 500 seats. The city boasts of around 17 parks including a dog park.

Police and Emergency Services in Clarence-Rockland

The Ontario Provincial Police has a Rockland Detachment for Clarence-Rockland’s policing. Medical emergency services are provided by the Counties of Russell and Prescott through a station located in Rockland. The Clarence-Rockland fire department is responsible for fire prevention, safety, rescue, and public awareness. They have 3 fire stations in Bourget, Rockland, and Clarence-Creek.

City of Clarence-Rockland Initiatives

The city of Clarence-Rockland has an Infrastructure and engineering department that takes care of Public Works. There are 2 sections under this department; Roads and Municipal Drains.

Roads: The Operations Manager supervises the maintenance and repairs of about 250 km of infrastructure. These include roads, sidewalks, bridges, shoulders, surface drainage ditches, and culverts. This section also takes care of road maintenance during the winter season. They perform activities such as snow plowing, salting, sanding, and snow removal.

Municipal Drains: Surface water for rural areas of the city and agricultural sectors need proper maintenance of municipal drains.

Snow Removal Policy For The City Of Clarence-Rockland

The city of Clarence-Rockwell has adopted the following policy regarding snow removal to ensure public and property safety.

  • They remove snow as per a snow forecast of a minimum of 10 cm or more accumulation
  • When snow less than 10 cm accumulates then they start the removal process as soon as it stops snowing
  • After the snow removal operations, Public Works will apply salt to all the paved roads on a priority basis

Parking Services in Clarence-Rockland

The city of Clarence-Rockland has the following sites that give you parking access:

  • Clarence-Rockland Museum by 687 Laurier Street
  • Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena by 1450 du Park Avenue
  • Rockland City Hall by 1560 Laurier Street
  • St-Trinity Church by 2178 Laurier Street
  • East of Lamoureux Home Hardware by 2720 Laurier Street
  • Clarence Creek Arena by 418 Lemay, Clarence Creek
  • Community Centre by 19 Lavigne, Bourget
  • Alphonse Carrière Community Centre by 3154 Gendron, Hammond
  • Ronald Lalonde Community Centre by 2564 St-Pascal Rd

Official Transportation Plan for City of Clarence-Rockland

The strategic plan aims at improving road structure as per priorities by the city. This also takes care of the transportation needs of the counties of Prescott and Russell. The planners have set priorities based on the volume and safety of traffic in the city. These include widening, realignment, reconstruction, intersection and turn lane changes, and enhanced traffic control systems for better public safety.

They are also planning to have more roundabouts at intersections within Rockland after a traffic study. As of now only County Road #17 is the major arterial road. And the city has divided other roads into major or minor collector roads. Major collector roads aid in distributing traffic from internal residential parts or industrial/commercial regions to the Arterial Road.

Major Collector Roads as per Official Plan

  • Laurier Street Poupart Road on the west to County Road # 17
  • Laporte Street Laurier Street to County Road # 17
  • Boul. Dr. Corbeil Caron Street to St-Jean Street

Minor Collector Roads As Per Official Plan

  • Edwards Street Laurier Street to Catherine Street
  • St-Jean Street Laurier Street to Poupart Road
  • Caron Street David Road to Highway #17
  • Heritage Drive Laurier Street to Patricia
  • Poupart Road Sterling Avenue Laurier Street to St-Jean Street
  • Jasper Cr. to Boul. Dr. Corbeil

List of Car Insurance Companies and Brokers in Clarence-Rockland

CompanyStreetCityProvincePostal CodeTelephone Number
Bélanger Laurent Courtier D’Assurance Limitée2865 Laurier StRocklandONK4K 1A3(613) 446-5175
BrokerLink2885 Chamberland StRocklandONK4K 1M7(613) 446-1070
Chief Insurance Brokers3665 Old Highway 17RocklandONK4K 1W2(613) 446-2224
Insurance Shoppers Canada Inc203 Montée OutaouaisRocklandONK4K 1G21 800-683-5423
Dominion of Canada General Ins2921 Laurier StRocklandONK4K 1V2(613) 446-7551


* Methodology

We did the survey by assuming that the car insurance premiums are calculated for a 35-year-old man with his own car. He has a good credit rating and the coverage is for basic liability. There are no traffic tickets for the past 5 years with an annual mileage between 5000 km to 8000 km.

All insurance quotes shown for comparison are only examples. These quotes do not guarantee rates for any particular insurance provider with the lowest possible rate. The quotes depend on various factors as per the lowest cost insurance company. These include the driver and car profile, driving record, location, and many other criteria.


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