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Once three individual towns — Hespeler, Preston, and Galt — Cambridge amalgamated in 1973, partly as a hedge against encroachments from Kitchener, to the north. Present days Cambridge sits mostly south of Highway 401 and the boundaries of the three former communities are now difficult to distinguish.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Cambridge

The average cost of car insurance in Cambridge is $1,334.

Quote DateAverage Auto Insurance Cost in Cambridge*

*Methodology: We used a sample profile for a male driver aged 30 years with his own vehicle having mandatory coverage. He drives a Honda Civic 2012 car with an average mileage of 5000 – 8000 km per year to commute to work. He has a clean driving record history of 5 years with no accidents or collisions.

We surveyed the car insurance prices in Cambridge for the purpose of illustrating the range in quotes based on driving record, location, and other criteria. To get a customized quote, enter your postal code above.

Affordable Car Insurance in Cambridge Ontario

As an Ontario community, all cars on the road require auto insurance. Fines for violations range up to $50,000, so it’s expensive to avoid this requirement. Private insurance companies supply the province’s auto insurance market, though tight regulations are thought to contribute to the generally high cost of car insurance policies. The Financial Services Commission of Ontario provides oversight for the industry, but flexibility remains for individual providers, so long as the FSCO approves rates and procedures.

Every insurer has a unique method for underwriting policies. Because of the differences between companies, drivers benefit from competitive pricing. There’s no standard policy that’s right for every driver, and car insurance can be customized to meet most drivers’ needs.

Ontario Mandatory Car Insurance Coverage

There is, however, a minimum amount of insurance, below which an insurer can’t sell. This policy carries four classes of coverage. The major two, accident benefits and third-party liability, may be extended through additional insurance purchases. Basic coverage does not include either collision or comprehensive coverage, the insurance types that often cover repair or replacement after an incident. Most Ontario drivers add these to their policies.

The cost of collision as well as comprehensive insurance is somewhat adjustable. Deductible limits permit a driver to fine-tune a policy’s premiums. A motorist maintaining high deductibles accepts more financial responsibility in an insurance claim but pays less for their annual premium. Low deductibles transfer more financial load to the insurer, so premiums go up.

Drivers also have a variety of options for specialized coverage, depending on what features their insurance company offers. While most options carry additional costs, some features, such as usage-based insurance programs, provide discounts.

Most insurers also offer discounts when a motorist meets certain conditions. Maintaining auto and home insurance with one company could earn discounts on both policies. Similar offers apply with more than one driver or car insured with the same company.

Driving in Cambridge Ontario

  • “The Delta” is the informal name for the intersections of Highways 8 and 24. Highway 8 is named Coronation St. west of the Delta and Dundas Street to the east. Similarly, Highway 24 is Hespeler Road north of the Delta and Water Street to the south. This is one of the major congestion points in Cambridge, though each street is at least 3 lanes wide in every direction.
  • As the main Cambridge exit onto 401, Highway 24 exhibits the heaviest congestion. This is aggravated by the presence of a dense commercial strip extending south to Dunbar Road and north to Queen Street.
  • There is an interchange at Franklin Road, east of Highway 24. Currently, it provides 401 off-ramp access to eastbound traffic and on-ramp access to westbound vehicles.
  • Full 401 access exists at Townline Road, east of Franklin Road.
  • The Kitchener exit at Highway 8, King Street, also serves Cambridge south of the 401.
  • The Kitchener exit at Homer Watson Boulevard connects to George Street in Cambridge.
  • The Cedar Creek Road exit on the 401 provides access well west of Cambridge, though directly into the city. It changes to Cedar Street once inside the city.
  • Congestion on the 401 during rush hour is most common between Highway 8 and Highway 24. Traffic coming into the Cambridge area from the east — GTA commuter traffic — may also back up. Westbound traffic usually clears after the Highway 8 interchange.
  • Highway 24 connects Cambridge to Brantford in the south and Guelph to the northeast. Studies to develop the road between Cambridge and Brantford are underway.

List of Driving Schools in Cambridge Ontario

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Ultimate Drivers1-134 Hespeler Rd, Cambridge, ON N1R 3H2519-622-9968
Starlite Driver Training29 Dickson St, Cambridge, ON N1R 1T5519-658-8177
Young Drivers74 Main St, Cambridge, ON N1R 1V7519-623-6730
Tri-City Drivers Education45 Grandy Lane, Cambridge, ON N1R 8K2519-624-5922
Conestoga Driving School5-48 Queen St E, Cambridge, ON N3C 2A8519-700-5003
Pro Driving Schoool995 King St E, Cambridge, ON N3H 3P4519-219-3600

Road Information for Cambridge Ontario

  • The City of Cambridge maintains road and lane closure information on its website.
  • Kitchener radio station AM 570 News broadcasts local road information, including Cambridge. Traffic updates also feature on its website.
  • The Region of Waterloo maintains county roads in the Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo areas. Their website lists road and lane closures due to regional road projects.
  • The Weather Network broadcasts weather forecasts for the Cambridge area and accompanies this with online forecasts.
  • The Ministry of Transportation for Ontario features winter road condition reports for Southwestern Ontario on its website. This includes the Cambridge area.

Driving Facts for Cambridge Ontario

  • Hespeler is the only one of the original Cambridge communities located mostly north of the 401. It was also the smallest of the three.
  • The area in between Hespeler, Galt, and Preston is predominately commercial and industrial. The three towns form a roughly equilateral triangle. The commercial/industrial region fills the middle of this triangle. Approximate boundaries for the area are Industrial Road on the west side, Can-Amera Parkway to the south and east, and the 401 to the Townline Road interchange. A narrow strip of commercial/industrial land runs along the north side of the 401 in Hespeler.
  • Highway 8 continues southeast of Cambridge toward Hamilton. However, this is not a major route, traversing through mostly agricultural land.
  • Another, more traveled, route to Hamilton uses the 401 to Highway 6 south. Except for a few sections, Highway 6 is four lanes. It is controlled access only south of Clappison’s Corners to Highway 403.

List of Cambridge Auto Insurance Brokers, Agents, and Companies

Knack & Shaver General Insurance Inc649 King St E, Cambridge, ON N3H 3N7519-740-2752
State Farm Insurance33 George St N, Cambridge, ON N1S 2M9519-621-1365
Dominion of Canada50 Fleming Dr, Cambridge, ON N1T 2B1519-621-9257
Josslin Insurance Brokers Ltd107 Ainslie St N, Cambridge, ON N1R 3P2519-621-9121
State Farm Insurance426 Queen St W, Cambridge, ON N3C 1H1519-658-4980
South Waterloo-Edgar Insurance Brokers Limited73 Water St N, Cambridge, ON N1R 7L6519-623-9313
Regal Insurance Brokers Inc159 Main St, Cambridge, ON N1R 1W5519-616-2150
Allstate Insurance Company Of Canada400-55 Pinebush Rd, Cambridge, ON N1R 8R5519-620-4449
Cambridge Insurance Brokers (Mississauga) LtdD-1165 Franklin Blvd, Cambridge, ON N1R 8E1226-894-1395
Rock Insurance Brokers Ltd14 George St N, Cambridge, ON N1S 2M8226-894-1248
Gore Mutual Insurance Co282 Dundas St, Cambridge, ON N1R 5P7519-623-0082
The Co-operators240 Holiday Inn Dr, Cambridge, ON N3C 3X4519-651-2823
Brian Perry10B-480 Hespeler Rd, Cambridge, ON N1R 7R9519-623-8181
Cowan Insurance Group705 Fountain St N, Cambridge, ON N1R 5T2519-650-6360
State Farm Insurance146 Dundas St N, Cambridge, ON N1R 5P1519-624-5098
Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan Inc1305 Bishop St N, Cambridge, ON N1R 6Z2519-740-8689
PBL Insurance Limited10-260 Holiday Inn Dr, Cambridge, ON N3C 4E8519-651-1666
All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited401 Fountain St N, Cambridge, ON N3H 1H7519-653-8189
Hancock Life & General Insurance Brokers Ltd553 King St E, Cambridge, ON N3H 3N4519-653-8001
Karl Kiefer1575 Bishop St N, Cambridge, ON N1R 7J4519-653-0006
State Farm Insurance12-900 Jamieson Pkwy, Cambridge, ON N3C 4N6519-651-0496
Farm Mutual Reinsurance350 Pinebush Rd, Cambridge, ON N1T 1Z6519-740-6415
Sun Life Financial5-55 Fleming Dr, Cambridge, ON N1T 2A9519-740-6180
Stevenson & Hunt Insurance Brokers Ltd103-1150 Franklin Blvd, Cambridge, ON N1R 7J2519-740-7500
Dumfries Mutual Insurance Co12 Cambridge St, Cambridge, ON N1R 3R7519-621-4660
Richard KentB5-535 Saginaw Parkway, Cambridge, ON N1T 0C3519-623-4491
Conestoga Insurance Brokers Limited731 King St E, Cambridge, ON N3H 3N8226-214-3286
Jones Deslauriers400 Jamieson Pky, Cambridge, ON N3C 4N3519-249-0663
Forbes A F Sandy Insurance Broker730 King St E, Cambridge, ON N3H 3N9519-653-5650
Monteiro Insurance Brokers Ltd228 Elgin St N, Cambridge, ON N1R 5J1519-623-7031
The Benefit Guys110 Beasley Cres, Cambridge, ON N1T 1T5519-622-3347
WCS-New Venture Insurance Agency Ltd392 Cooper St, Cambridge, ON N3C 3X9519-654-9038
Axion-Goias Insurance Services30 Santo Cristo Pl, Cambridge, ON N1R 8A2519-658-3474
Gore Mutual Insurance Co252 Dundas St, Cambridge, ON N1R 6X1519-623-6998
The Co-operators130 Cedar St, Cambridge, ON N1S 1W4519-623-6004

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