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CAA MyPace Review: A New Insurance Approach

Brand CAA is known to many individuals. A lot of people rely on the services provided by this Company when they are in trouble with their vehicle. What some may not know s that CAA has an additional and very important service called CAA MyPace.

What is CAA MyPace?

This is a car insurance product that focuses on the specific needs of drivers. In respect to their needs for insurance. Anyone that is going to drive in Canada must have vehicle insurance. This is an expense that some have difficulty with. They are being forced to buy insurance packages that may include coverage that is not needed. CAA MyPace addresses some of these issues. It is classed as “pay as you go” insurance and what CAA is offering is a first in Canada.

What Makes This Vehicle Insurance Coverage Different?

This insurance coverage by CAA is structured, so insurance buyers are only paying for the coverage that they need. There are a lot of individuals who don’t use their vehicle daily. Or there are others who are only driving short distances. They are incurring the same insurance costs that long-distance drivers do like those who put a lot of mileage on their car every week.

With the MyPace Insurance, you are only going to be paying for the mileage.

How Does This Vehicle Insurance Work?

CAA has developed a device that will tack the mileage that you are putting on your vehicle. There has to be a starting point to become part of this Insurance program.

  • The first step will be enrolling with the CAA MyPace program.
  • The payment you will make will be the base rate plus an amount for the first 1,000 kilometres that you will be using.
  • Insureds will be given the CAA MyPace device which they will install in their vehicle.
  • The insured can use their phone to download the CAA MyPace app.

Now the insured is all set. When the client needs to reload their insurance coverage for the next 1,000 kilometres CAA will automatically do this.

Who Benefits From CAA MyPace?

Those who are driving less than 9,000 km. should benefit from the CAA MyPace insurance offering. Those who don’t fit into this category will not realize any extra savings on their insurance. This is because once a driver goes past the 9,000 km, they will now have to pay an admin fee each time they drive an additional 1,000 km. In the end, these costs would be more than what standard vehicle insurance would be.

The Advantages of CAA  MyPace

When a new concept arrives such as this, it is important to know what the advantages of using it are.

  • The biggest advantage is the money saving aspect that comes with this insurance. Insureds are not paying for insurance they simply don’t need. Why pay for insurance when a vehicle is not being used enough to justify the full cost of insurance?
  • Another advantage is that the insurance shopper is not tied into a contract. They can opt out of this insurance program anytime they like. When they make this decision, the CAA MyPace coverage will get switched over to the traditional insurance offered by CAA.
  • It is really easy to opt into this vehicle insurance coverage. It can be done directly through CAA agents. Or insurance shoppers can use a broker of their choice.
  • You can only insure one vehicle for each policy. However, you can take out a policy for each vehicle you want to insure.
  • Some individuals don’t own a smartphone. That doesn’t mean they can’t take advantage of this reduced mileage insurance coverage. They can receive the same information about usage through the CAA portal or emails.
  • This insurance is geared towards a driver’s lifestyle. There are other insurance companies that offer low mileage discounts. This is insurance is different than that. Costs are only incurred in real time. If circumstances change and you use your vehicle more than you intended you don’t have to make adjustments to your insurance policy. You are automatically billed for the extra use. As long as you are keeping it below the 9,000 km. Cut off for eligibility for this insurance.

The Disadvantages of CAA MyPace

No insurance product is 100% perfect, and there are a few disadvantages with this one but will only affect the eligibility for its coverage.

  • Unfortunately part of being eligible for this money saving insurance it will depend on the make and model of vehicle that is going to be insured. The device that has to be used may not be compatible with some types of vehicles. Those that are insuring vehicles older than 1997 will not be able to take advantage of this insurance. The same applies to those who own an electric vehicle. Also, diesel vehicles that are older than 2005 will not qualify either. There may be other vehicles that do not qualify as well. But a great number of vehicle owners will discover that their vehicle is compatible with the device which will allow them to use this new type of insurance.
  • Motorcycle users are also required to have insurance coverage. The CAA MyPace is not available as yet for this type of vehicle.

How Much Will the CAA MyPace Insurance Cost?

The metrics used for determining the premiums are the same as those used for deciding this for traditional insurance.  The savings will come from only having to make payments based on the number of km, being put on the vehicle.

Your premiums are going to be set on the base rate of your insurance as determined by the normal metrics used for determining premiums. Then the cost for the first 1,000 km, is included in the premium cost. From this point on increases in the premiums will only be based on increments of 1,000 additional km.

Examples of Potential Savings With the CAA MyPace Insurance coverage:

During the period of your coverage, if you only drive 1,000 km, you could end up saving about 70% on your vehicle insurance costs.

  • If 3,000 km are driven, then the savings may equate to about 50%.
  • A distance of 7,000 km is going to reduce the savings to around 15%.
  • Once you accumulate 9,000 km, then no savings will be realized.

This vehicle insurance coverage is one that should be strongly considered by those who don’t anticipate accumulating mileage over 9,000 km.


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    When you say 9000km is that for the year.

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    I have a 2014 ford fusion is that compatible

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