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City Of Brooks

Brooks lies in the southeast part of Alberta province about 186 km to the city of Calgary and 110 km to the northwest side of Medicine Hat. It is strategically located on Trans-Canada Highway and the Canadian Pacific Railway. As per the 2016 census, Statistics Canada estimated the population of Brooks at 14451. This was an increase of 5.7% when compared to the census of 2011. Oil, gas and agriculture, metal manufacturing, construction, retail, and food processing are the major industries in Brooks. In Brooks, there is an impressive rate of unemployment rate at 2.86%. This is well less than the Canadian national rate that is at 7%.  However, recently one of the prominent employers in Brooks, XL Foods saw some trouble. The JBS Leisure Centre in Brooks has a fitness center, gym, water slide with an aquatic center, and many recreational rooms.

In Brooks, there is an impressive rate of unemployment rate at 2.86%. This is well less than the Canadian national rate that is at 7%.  However, recently one of the prominent employers in Brooks, XL Foods saw some trouble. The JBS Leisure Centre in Brooks has a fitness center, gym, water slide with an aquatic center, and many recreational rooms.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Brooks

The average cost of car insurance in Brooks is $1,372.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Brooks

RankAuto Insurance CompanyAnnual Cost
1SG Canada$1,152
3Peace Hills$1,210
4Travelers Dominion Product$1,255
5Aviva Traders$1,284
7CAA AMA$1,356

Most Expensive Auto Insurer in Brooks

The above table shows a comparison of car insurance providers in Brooks. The highest quote was by TD Car Insurance at an annual price of $1871 and this was $719 higher than the lowest quote. Economical Insurance had the next highest quote at a difference of $327.

Cheapest Auto Insurer in Brooks

The cheapest auto insurance quote was by SG Canada at an annual cost of $1152. The next best quote was by Wawanesa Insurance. Their quote was cheaper than SG Canada by $37.

Car Insurance in Brooks Neighborhoods

Brooks NeighbourhoodsCar Insurance can be as low as
Bow City$933
Rolling Hills$933

Getting around Brooks

There are many methods of transport that you may use to get around Brooks as mentioned below. It is centrally located between Medicine Hat, Calgary, and Lethbridge. Greyhound bus lines also have a bus terminal in Brooks.

Road Ways

There are major highways passing through Brooks along the TransCanada Highway as well as Highway 36. These connect Brooks to facilitate the commercial traffic. These include the oil mines in the north and to the south of the U.S. border.  You may enter the U.S. from Brooks through many ports of entry mostly on the south side of the city. These include Sweetgrass, MN and Coutts AB, Wild Horse in AB. There is also a port of entry in Aden AB and Whitelash in Montana stateside. Almost 14 long hauling and commercial trucking companies operate that transport goods across major destinations in U.S. and Canada.

Sign Permit

In Brooks, there are 2 by-laws that govern traffic signs that are of two types. The by-law 14/12 of Land Use governs permanent signs as per Schedule 5. These include fascia, free-standing, and LED or electronic signs. Another by-law 12/28 governs portable signs.

City of Brooks Initiatives

accident prevention

The city management team did an analysis of all incidents related to the motor vehicle. They looked at motor collisions and incidents between the period 2013 and 2016. As per the analysis, the main cause of motor accidents was concluded as complacency. This was in about 95% of the cases. The remaining 5% is attributed to carelessness. As per motor vehicle staff opinion, driving while distracted and trying to multitask were major reasons. These also caused a lot of incidents leading to injuries and property damage. Based on this analysis they came up with a Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention plan.

Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Plan

  • “Drive Safe, Stay Alive” was a video that all the departmental staff watched. This video is aimed at creating awareness about direct and indirect accident costs based on motor vehicle accident analysis.
  • The provincial government traffic safety department also presented other reasons. These were the implications of distracted driving, impaired driving, and other dangerous driving.
  • Other awareness campaigns covered drive slowly while moving equipment etc.
  • WCB automatic clearance notification was also identified areas. As per this clearance, contract drivers were monitored for motor safety practices. This included a video shown in-house and commentary by the driver with the Fire Chief and Public Works Operator II.
  • As part of community health initiatives geared towards motor safety, they conducted 2 immunization clinics. These clinics were to monitor drivers who were prone to exposure to infectious substances. They vaccinated 23 participants for preventative measures. They also updated the training manual for Commercial Transportation safety as well as the maintenance program. These included changes on the legislative level. And they also gave 3 training sessions during the first part of this year.

All these above initiatives have considerably helped in controlling WCB cost and claims expense for the city of Brooks.

Alberta Traffic Department

As per the Alberta Traffic department, there were some interesting observations. They observed a pattern for motor vehicle accidents in 2012. This survey looked at the causes, factors, and driving conditions that lead to motor collisions.

  • Driving Violations: Taking improper left turns, too closely following another vehicle, and off-road running were major reasons. These were some of the most common driver actions that were identified are causes of motor collisions.
  • Types of vehicle:  Minivans, passenger cars, pickups, trucks, and vans were part of most casualty collisions. Bicycles and motorcycles followed closely and even tractors and trailer combinations contributed to fatal crashes.
  • Vehicle factor: Out of all the incidents that they surveyed it was apparent that motor collisions had at least one vehicle factor. In most cases, the commonly found vehicle defect was a brake defect that leads to collisions.
  • The point of collision impact:  The most common point of impact in casualty collisions was in the front part of the vehicle. The central part of the vehicle impact point was the next in line.
  • Location of collisions: Rural areas had more collisions involving injuries and property damage. These collisions were fatal when compared to collisions in urban areas.
  • Surface road conditions: Road conditions such as slush, ice, or snow also were major causes of fatal. These also contributed to motor collisions that were not fatal in equal proportion.

Traffic Safety Program by RCMP In Brooks

RCMP in Brooks has actively involved itself in implementing the traffic safety program on an ongoing basis. In the first quarter of 2017, Municipal Enforcement gave out many traffic violations to Class 7 drivers. These drivers were driving distracted, with vehicle license plates that were beyond the expiry date. They also disobeyed traffic control signs such as traffic lights and stop signs.

Motor Vehicle Collision & Injuries Statistics in Brooks

Motor Vehicle Theft5610913
Total Criminal Code377386441475392
Total MVC113135133105129
MVC Injury66366

The above table shows the data for Motor Vehicle Crime during the period from 2013 to 2017. The total number of criminal code offenses increased in 2014 compared to 2013. However, this gradually declined over the next 3 years. However, in 2017 there was a decline of 83. The injury rates due to motor vehicle collisions have been pretty consistent at 6 with a decline just in 2015.

List of Car Insurance Companies and Brokers in Brooks

CompanyStreetLocalityRegionPostal CodePhone
Westland Insurance240 3rd St WBrooksABT1R 1B9(403) 362-4099
Pro Insurance Group128 2 St WBrooksABT1R 0M9403-794-9006
Thomson Schindle Green Insurance & Financial Services Ltd128 2nd Street SWBrooksABT1R 1C3403-794-9012
Legends Collector Vehicle Insurance128 2nd Street SWBrooksABT1R 1C3403-794-9029
Western Financial Group315 2 St WBrooksABT1R 1C4(403) 362-3301


* Methodology

We did the survey by assuming that the car insurance premiums are calculated for a 35-year-old man with his own car. He has a good credit rating and the coverage is for basic liability. There are no traffic tickets for the past 5 years and the annual mileage is between 5000 km to 8000 km.

All insurance quotes shown for comparison are only examples. These quotes do not guarantee rates for any particular insurance provider with the lowest possible rate. The quotes depend on various factors as per the lowest cost insurance company. These include the driver and car profile, driving record, location, and many other criteria.


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