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If you are a city driver then it isn’t likely that you need to worry about collisions with wildlife such as deer. However, as you travel further away from city centers the odds of hitting deer or other wildlife increase. Will your insurance cover a collision with a deer? To find out we’re going to consider different factors and try to answer other questions that you might have as well.

I Hit A Deer, What Now?

The first things to consider after an animal collision are your safety and the safety of your passengers. It is important to check for injuries. If need be, call 911 for assistance. After that, it is important to move your vehicle to a safe place and then note any other damages that have occurred. Was there damage to property or another vehicle? If so, you may need to file a police report. If the accident has caused any obstructions to the flow of traffic contact police, or highway services to let them know. They can help ensure safety for other drivers. For insurance purposes, if you are able, take photos of any damages and injuries. This can be helpful for processing claims.

I have Liability and Collision Insurance. Am I covered?

Liability and Collision Insurance are often required by law as minimum coverage. Liability insurance will pay for vehicle repairs, medical bills, and property damage for damage done to others when an accident is your fault. It does not cover your costs for damages caused by animal collisions. Collision Insurance will pay for your damages, either fixing or replacing your vehicle, after an accident. Collision Insurance will not cover damages to your vehicle as a result of the animal collision.

The good news is that if you swerve to avoid hitting a deer any damage you cause will be covered.

Should I Consider Extended Coverage?


There are many kinds of extended coverage from which to choose. The costs and coverage will vary depending on your insurance provider. If you want to make sure you have coverage for animal collision, you are in luck! Many insurance providers offer Comprehensive Insurance which covers damages caused by theft, fallen trees, and animal collisions such as deer, moose, and bear.

What Else Should I Know?

If you are primarily a city driver odds are you won’t be hitting any deer, but if you want to avoid that kind of animal collision here are some things to know:

  • Collisions with deer are more likely to happen during mating, and hunting season. The busy months are October, November, and December. (This is also true for moose and elk)
  • High-risk times are during dusk and dawn when there is low light, so use extra caution during these hours.
  • Two-lane, undivided highways yield the most collisions to maintain awareness.
  • If there is no oncoming traffic, use high beams at night for added visibility.
  • Deer can be unpredictable, especially when spooked. Beware, they are fast and they jump.
  • Deer travel as a group, if you see a deer there could be more.

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