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Who Is A High-Risk Driver?

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Car insurance providers consider high-risk clients as those who have had multiple at-fault accidents, multiple claims, several traffic convictions, and premium payment issues. This is also referred to as non-standard auto insurance. When you are deemed a high-risk with car insurance companies you may have a difficult time obtaining car insurance. Many insurance providers are not willing to take the risk and provide insurance to high-risk drivers. When you finally do find a car insurance provider that will provide you with car insurance,  your premiums will be very high. Typically premiums can double or triple depending on the reasons you are deemed a high-risk driver.  When you are looking for high-risk car insurance there are several insurance companies that specialize in high-risk car insurance. Common reasons you would be considered high-risk in Ontario are:

  • Multiple at-fault accident claims
  • Traffic convictions and speeding tickets
  • Stunt driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Careless driving
  • First time obtaining car insurance (New driver)
  • A lapse in coverage
  • Missed payments or insurance cancellation by an insurance provider

What Is The Best Insurance Company For High-Risk Drivers?

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The best insurance company for high-risk drivers in Ontario is Coachman Insurance Company. 

How Much More Is High-Risk Auto Insurance?

High-risk auto insurance can be double, triple, or even higher than your regular insurance premiums would be. 

How Much Does High-Risk Car Insurance Cost In Ontario?

The average cost of high-risk car insurance is around $416 per month in Ontario.

Why Do High-Risk Drivers Have To Pay Higher Premiums?

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A high-risk driver increases the insurance company’s risk of having to pay for claims pertaining to high-risk drivers. If the insurance feels you are at a higher risk of costing them a lot of money, they will increase your premiums by double, triple, or even higher. High-Risk Drivers also face the risk that the insurance companies will not provide them with coverage at all. 

How Do I Get Out Of High-Risk Insurance?

Generally, that will depend on your driving record and the reasons you were deemed high-risk in the first place. Keeping a clean driving record and making your premium payments on time will help your insurance premiums go down over time. 

How Long Am I Considered A High-Risk driver?

Depending on the reasons you are considered a high-risk driver and your insurance provider, the amount of time can vary. All insurance providers have different rules surrounding high-risk drivers. 

Tips To Reduce Your High-Risk Driver Status


There are several things you can do to repair your high-risk driver status. Depending on the reasons you were rated as high-risk by insurance providers following these guidelines should help you get off the high-risk driver’s list and reduce your premiums in the future. 

  • Pay Your Premiums On Time

Paying your premiums on time will help to repair your driver status. It will also avoid having your car insurance canceled by your insurance provider. 

  • Clean Driving Record

When you remain accident-free and keep a clean driving record for a period of time, this can help reduce your premiums.

  • Don’t Drink and Drive

If you have been convicted of impaired driving (alcohol or substance), never ever drive while impaired. 

  • Drive Safe

Avoid careless driving and speeding infractions by driving safely at all times. 

  • Driver Training and Defensive Driving Courses

Take one or both of these courses and provide evidence to your insurance provider. 

  • The Type of Vehicle You Drive

Choose a vehicle that is insurance friendly. Sports cars and high-end vehicles can also put you in the high-risk category. 

  • Insurance Broker

Choose a high-risk insurance company as they are the most knowledgeable in dealing with high-risk insurance coverage. High-risk insurance brokers can also help you get back on track in obtaining more affordable car insurance. 

Telematics Devices

The best way to show your insurance provider you are serious about improving your high-risk driver status is by installing a telematics device. When you install a telematics device, your insurance provider can follow your driving habits. This can directly affect your insurance premiums and help to establish a better driving status.  A telematics device is attached to the diagnostics port in your vehicle. The telematics device is capable of measuring vehicle speed, vehicle braking, vehicle acceleration, and the period of time you are driving. 

Top 10 High-Risk Insurance Companies In Canada

When you are found to be a high-risk driver, it is highly recommended that you use an insurance company that specializes in high-risk car insurance policies. The agents within these companies are highly trained high-risk auto insurance specialists. They can help you to obtain high-risk auto insurance and guide you in getting back on track to establish a better driving record. 

  • Coachman
  • Echelon
  • Hagerty
  • Intact Insurance
  • Jevco
  • Pafco
  • Pembridge
  • Perth
  • SGI Canada
  • Facility Association

Impact Of Being A High-Risk Driver

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When you are rated a high-risk driver, this can have a huge impact on your personal and financial life. Several insurance companies will not provide coverage to high-risk drivers. Insurance companies will also deny renewing your policy if you have become a high-risk driver during the coverage of your policy. Paying high-risk driver premiums can directly affect your financial situation and some people can’t even afford to pay high-risk auto insurance. The law in Ontario states that every driver must have auto insurance coverage. If you can’t afford to pay high-risk insurance premiums, you will no longer be permitted to drive. This can result in a huge lifestyle change and can cause huge inconveniences. 

How To Avoid Becoming A High-Risk Driver

There are many things you can do to avoid becoming a high-risk driver. These include:

  • Avoid traffic violations and convictions
  • Avoid careless driving and speeding
  • Keep claims to a minimum or avoid them completely
  • Enroll in a defensive driving course
  • Don’t allow your insurance policies to lapse
  • Make your premium payments on time
  • Drive an insurance friendly vehicle
  • Live in a low crime area
  • Keep annual mileage low
  • Use a safe driving app
  • Install a telematics device


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