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Great American Insurance Group Company Review

Industry expertise is what sets Great American Insurance Group apart, especially for the small to mid-sized business or company. With hundreds of innovative and tailored products to suit the needs and manage the individual and unique risks associated with your business Great American Insurance balances coverage and cost to provide the client with a wide range of options.

With a belief in the structure of small business operations, all of the subsidiaries and specialty divisions design their own products specific to the needs of their market and their specific customers. Woking directly with the expert in your specialty means less runaround and less time wasted getting the answers you need.

With specialized services available in Canada, there is the focus on maintaining a competitive edge in this niche market by providing expertise and a competitive advantage from experienced professionals with considerable knowledge in each of the specialty lines of the customer’s businesses and groups specific to the many-faceted Canadian market.

Services & Products Available with Great American Insurance Group

Insurance service

  • Specialty Divisions in Canada have the operating autonomy and are able to independently oversee certain operational details such as underwriting, pricing, policy process and claims service as well as marketing. Each, though, maintaining the checks and balances of strategic direction, actuary assessment, financial reporting, the capital allocation being controlled by the parent company.
  • AgriBusiness
  • Executive Liability
  • Ocean Marine
  • Specialty Human Services
  • Canadian Policy Administration and Attorney-in-Fact (Surety Bonds)
  • Specialty Equipment Services
  • Environmental
  • Fidelity/Crime
  • Financial Institution Services
  • Property and Inland Marine
  • Residential Construction
  • Marketing and Sales support for Annuities.
  • Individual, Corporate, Business and Group Life Insurance. Although Great American Life no longer issues or sells new life insurance policies the commitment to provide service to current client remains a priority.

Market Strength & Reliability for Great American Insurance Group

The Great American Insurance Company founded in 1872 focusing directly on the Property and Casualty Insurance niche. Specializing in commercial products and services for businesses exclusively. Great American’s “A” (Excellent) rating was affirmed by A.M. Best May 12, 2016. Great American Insurance Company has maintained an “A” rating or better from  for more than a century and is one of only five P&C insurers to have that distinction.

Great American’s P &C Insurance Group was recognized as a “Ward’s 50” recently as one of Ward Groups best insurance companies for financial performance.

Companies owned  as part of Great American’s Annuity Group have also received an “A” or better rating by A.M. Best for longer  than 30 years.

with more than 100 available locations around the world. Great American Insurance company is located throughout North America, Western Europe, and Asia.

Great American Insurance Company is a subsidiary of American Financial Group (AFG) based in Cincinnati, Ohio listed as common stock and traded on the New York Stock Exchange under symbol AFG.

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