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Car insurance for students can be quite expensive, especially for young male drivers and drivers under the age of 25. What many people don’t know is that several insurance providers offer good student discounts. A good student discount can offer savings on a student’s car insurance premium. Typically those under the age of 25 are either in high school, college or university. Insurance providers see this age group as one of the highest risk age groups mainly due to their lack of driving experience. Statistically speaking, this age group has the highest rate of accidents. Students who live in the provinces of Manitoba or Saskatchewan are lucky because these provinces do not use age as one of their risk factors when determining insurance rates. However, the rest of Canada does, so it makes sense for students to take advantage of as many discounts as they can to obtain a lower sustainable insurance rate. 

What is The Good Student Discount For Car Insurance?

Student Discounts

A good student discount for car insurance is offered by several insurance providers and can offer discount savings to students on their car insurance for maintaining certain grades over a period of time as specified by the insurance company. 

Are There Good Student Car Insurance Discounts In Canada?

Yes, several insurance providers in Canada offer good student car insurance discounts. 

How Do I Qualify For A Good Student Car Insurance Discount?

You must meet the insurance provider’s eligibility requirements to qualify for a good student car insurance discount.

How Much Does The Good Student Discount Save On Car Insurance?


Depending on the insurance provider, a good student discount on car insurance can save students anywhere between 10 and 25 percent. 

What Insurance Companies Offer Good Student Discounts?

There are several insurance companies in Canada that offer good student discounts. Some insurance companies in Canada that do offer good student discounts include:

  • Belairdirect
  • Allstate
  • Intact
  • Dejardins
  • The Co-Operators

What Other Discounts Could Students Qualify For?


Along with a good student discount, students can further lower their insurance premiums by a few other discounts. These discounts include:

  • Enrolling and successfully completing a safe driver’s training course
  • Become a secondary driver on your parent’s car insurance policy
  • Students living in residency far from home
  • Students that drive a minimal amount
  • Telematics discounts
  • Winter tire discounts
  • Alumni discounts
  • Credit score discounts

Tips For Helping Students To Keep Their Car Insurance Reasonable

There are certain measures that students can take that will help them to keep their car insurance at a reasonable and manageable rate. Here are some tips that may help:

Drive An Insurance Friendly Car

Many students prior to obtaining their driver’s license plan on buying their dream car when they can legally drive. For some students choosing the wrong car can cost them immensely when it comes to purchasing car insurance for that dream vehicle. To save money on car insurance, shop for an insurance-friendly car that won’t cost an arm and a leg to insure it. 

Safe Driving

Drive safely at all times, keeping a good clean driving record will help to keep a student’s car insurance premium from going up. Students should avoid traffic infractions such as speeding tickets, failing to stop at a stop sign, distracted driving, careless driving, and driving under the influence. These types of driving infractions not only can result in much higher car insurance premiums, but they can also result in the cancellation of car insurance and even criminal charges. 

Purchasing Own Insurance Policy

It is best for students to approach their parents about them adding their kids to their insurance policy as secondary drivers. For students to purchase their own insurance policy without a lot of driving experience it will be very expensive. 

The Ajusto Program

The Ajusto program is available to drivers in Ontario and Quebec who are insured with Desjardins Insurance, State Farm Canada, and The Personal. Ajusto is a telematics app that requires the use of a smartphone and can provide insurance companies with enough information after 3 months of use for them to be able to assign a representative score. Ajusto users who qualify for the discount can obtain the discount just after 100 days of using the app instead of having to wait for policy renewal time. Insurance providers rate the following criteria when assessing drivers:

  • Speed
  • Driving habits such as braking, cornering, acceleration
  • Distance driven
  • Time of day

The Ajusto program is also a great benefit to users because through the app they can:

  • Change their address
  • View their insurance policy
  • Receive driving feedback
  • Obtain a quote
  • Store a vehicle
  • Start a claim

Shop Around For Car Insurance

Whether the student is obtaining their own car insurance or they are going to be covered under their parent’s policy, it always pays to shop around. Students that live in New Brunswick may even qualify for the First Chance Discount depending on the insurance provider they choose to purchase their insurance needs from. Students can also help their parents out by shopping online and finding the best possible student rates available. Ontario students may also qualify for the graduated license discount. Students should always be aware of all their options and the best way to do that is to research and obtain many quotes. 

How Can A Student’s Credit Score Affect Their Car Insurance?

Some people are confused as to what their credit score has to do with car insurance rates. However, many insurance companies look at their client’s credit scores to see how responsible they are as individuals. Students that have their own credit cards and are responsible for them show insurance companies that they are mature and responsible individuals which can also translate into mature and responsible student drivers. When it comes down to it, it’s all about risk factors when insurers are determining what a person’s car insurance rate should be. The lower the risk the driver is to the company, the lower the insurance rate will be. This is why it is so important to minimize risks when being a student driver, or any driver for that matter. 

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