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In Ontario, you may be able to drive with another province’s full valid license for up to 60 days as per law. After that time you may have to exchange that license or apply for an Ontario license. To apply for a license to drive in Ontario, you go through a graduated licensing system and pass each level.


Getting a full G license is the third stage in the graduated licensing scheme in Ontario. There are restrictions and conditions that you have to follow at each stage. You have up to a 5-year timeframe to get a G license, if not then you start again from the scratch. In that time you have to finish 2 learning stages.

What Does G License Mean?

When you have a full G license it means that you have no restrictions as you have completed the graduated licensing system. This process takes anywhere from 2 to 5 years time to complete and with practice, you may become a skilled and safe driver. In order to get a license to drive any other type of vehicle, you have to first have a G license.

What Are G License Qualifications, Restrictions & Rules?

In order to apply for a full G license, you must have a valid G2 license for at least 2 years. This could reduce to 8 months if you complete an approved driver course. There are no restrictions for G license as it is not a novice license. The G license holder has to follow all the traffic and road rules as well as alcohol content limits while driving.

Which Vehicle Can G License Drive?

You may drive a van, car, or a small truck with a combination of towed vehicles less than 4600 kg but the total weight must not be more than 11000 kg. The maximum seating capacity of the G class vehicle may not be more than 11 passengers. A full G license holder may also drive a recreational vehicle weighing more than 4600 kg and be towed by a pickup truck.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Your G?

To get your G license you may have to wait for a minimum of 20 months and up to a maximum of 5 years. Each learning level has a mandatory wait time of 12 months each but if you complete the driver training program this reduces to 8 months.

G License Perks And Benefits

A full G license may drive without any restrictions and could drive on any roads and highways any time of the day and time. They may carry a maximum of up to 11 passengers in a G class vehicle. You may also get better insurance rates and with a G license, you may also ask for a verbal insurance quote. Your insurance rates may reduce by 5% to 10% when you have a G license and a good record. Also, most car rental agencies may also allow you to rent only when you have a G license.


To get your G license you may have to practice driving on the roads to perfect your driving skills. You may enroll in a Ministry-approved driving class and take in-class and in-car lessons. There are many driving schools in Ontario so it is important to choose a reputed school that is not revoked by MTO.

G Test Preparation Course Cost In Ontario

In order to prepare for your G road test, you may get driving lessons from driving instructors. They may have a package of say, 15 – 25 classes and charge anywhere from $50 to $75 per hour. Or you may enroll in a driving school and train with an instructor in-car and they may also have different packages.

The prices for the packages may vary from $500 to $800 or more. It may depend a lot on how much practice you had already done and how much you lack in your driving skills.


road test

Once you had your G2 license for at least 12 months, you may book your G road test. This is also known as the G2 exit test. The G road test examiner will check your vehicle control and maneuvering skills, in different driving conditions. They may test your driving skills on the highways, residential, city, and commercial roads. Your ability to perceive any hazards and respond in a safe manner is also important.

In order to book your G road test, you need to provide a valid G2 license, choose the preferred location, date, and time along with alternate locations.

How And Where To Book G License Test In Ontario?

You may book G road test appointments over the phone, by the internet, or in person at a DriveTest Centre. You may call 1888 570 6110 from anywhere in Ontario and for GTA you may call 647 776 0331 for automated phone appointment booking. They are open from 6 am to 12 am, Monday to Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. on Sundays.

If you call the above phone numbers you may also ask to transfer to a DriveTest location operator from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. They are closed for statutory holidays.

How Much Does G License Cost In Ontario?

The cost of a G license in Ontario is $89.25.

Best Place/Locations To Book G Test

You are expected to drive equally well in all kinds of roads conditions and locations. However, if you had failed your G test in the past you may practice well and book for a road test in an area with less traffic. Sarnia, Bancroft, Stratford, North Bay, and Belleville have relatively low failure rates. Then there is Hamilton, Peterborough, Orangeville, Guelph, Burlington, Kitchener, Oshawa, Barrie, London, and Kingston.

Some locations with high failure rates include Brampton, Aurora, Windsor, Renfrew, East York, Oakville, Port Union, Etobicoke, and Downsview.

Best Time To Book G Test

If you book your road test early in the morning then you may have to face the rush hour traffic, as per your location. In case you want to get an early road test then you may choose either the 10 am-14 am slot or in the afternoon at 1:35 pm. Some also vouch for the fact that the time between 1 pm and 3 pm is also a quiet time of the day as per the location.  Also, road tests during late evening rush hour traffic may also be stressful. If you live in a location where it is very quiet on a Saturday, then you may try looking for a Saturday road test.

At the end of the day, no matter when and where you book your road test when you pass the test you are expected to drive in all conditions.


While you may have had enough time to practice and refine your driving skills, taking a G road test will test all your preparation and knowledge.  It does help to know what to expect and how you may face the road test and pass successfully.

G License Highway Test: What Is Tested And What To Expect?

You may keep a few things in your mind and pay attention to help you pass the road test.

  1. Check your vehicle: You may check your test vehicle before leaving for the test to ensure there is enough fuel and all controls work properly. The brake lights, turn signals, seat belts, headlights, and all controls must be in proper order. If any of your vehicle parts or controls are missing or not working then you may not be allowed to take the road test.
  2. Arrive for the road test early: The DriveTest center could be very crowded and you may have a long wait even if you have an appointment. So, arrive early, be relaxed and patiently wait for your turn. You may not want to arrive late and be flustered and nervous before your road test.
  3. Listen to the examiner’s instructions carefully: They test you on driving skills that are outlined in the manual and nothing out of the ordinary. With extensive practice, you must show the skills to follow the driving instructions and maneuvers correctly. If in doubt about something, confirm before you do any dangerous or illegal driving action.
  4. Be confident and trust your driving skills: If you are nervous and keep fidgeting then you may lose focus. This may not work well for your road test and your examiner may score you down or fail you.

General Tips

The G road test looks at proper lane changes, use & observations cycles, braking, mirror use, blind spot check, following distance, freeway and expressway driving, stops, parking skills left turns at an intersection, and defensive driving. Apart from these, you have to adhere to all road safety rules and speed limits. Do not expect the examiner to coach you if you make a mistake, they may give you a full report at the end.

How Long Is G Road Test?

Typically, a G road test is around 30 minutes from the moment you sit behind the wheel.

Chart Of Full G Licence Equivalency In Other Provinces

Provinces & TerritoriesG Full Licence Equivalency
British Columbia5
Newfoundland and Labrador05
New Brunswick5
Northwest Territories5
Nova Scotia5
Prince Edward Island5


There are many penalties that you may face if you are caught driving while impaired. This may include license suspension, vehicle impoundment, heavy fines and convictions, jail time, criminal record, and may have to install an ignition interlock device. Not to mention the increase in your insurance rates.

Full G License Alcohol Limit

In Ontario, the maximum BAC legally allowed for G license is 0.08 and it is a criminal offense to drive with more than 0.08 BAC. The warning range for G license holders is from 0.05 to 0.08 and you may face administrative fines.


There are many questions about the changes to insurance rates, expiry and renewal of G license, etc. Since a G license is a full license without restrictions, there are certain privileges that come with it. You may find the car rentals booking process much easier.

Does G License Lower Insurance?

When you compare the insurance rates for a novice license holder and G license then the latter gets better rates. Since with a G license you are considered an experienced driver, you may have less risk score for insurability. Hence the insurance premiums may also reduce when you get your full G license, in some cases up to 10% less.

Does G Licence Expiry?

Yes, the G license is valid for a period of 5 years.

What Happens If G License Expires?

In case your G license expired, is suspended, or is canceled then you may follow the below steps.

  • If it has been less than one year since your G license expiry then you may renew at any ServiceOntario center
  • For more than 1 year but less than 3 years since the G license expired then you may have to get a vision test again and renew your license.
  • In case your G license expired more than 3 years ago but not more than ten years then you must pass all the 3 tests. This includes your vision test, written and road test. So, you start all over again but they waive the waiting periods.
  • Over 10 years of G license expiry you have to pass all the tests again and also serve the mandatory waiting period.

How To Renew G License Ontario?

You may renew your G license at a ServiceOntario center or online even 180 days before the expiry. Or up to 12 months after the expiry. Your G license has a validity of 5 years and you may renew it. For renewing your license you may pay by MasterCard, Visa, or Interac.

In order to renew your G license online, there are some conditions. It can be done only if you do not require a new photo, have a full valid license that is not suspended or canceled. It has not expired for more than 1 year. You don’t need any tests, have no medical conditions to prevent driving, and have no pending fines. To renew an enhanced license you may visit a ServiceOntario location after booking an appointment and the cost is $130. You may pay the fees by cash, Visa, Debit, MasterCard, or Cheque. They will get a new photo and signature from you and they will give you a temporary license. The enhanced driver’s license will arrive by mail in 6 – 8 weeks. Or you may pick it up from a ServiceOntario center.

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