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In Ontario, it is the law to have insurance on your car.  You may get a new car or a used car as you plan to buy a vehicle. That is when you may want to know if that used car has insurance. You could check with the owner. You may also verify the insurance documents. If may want to check the vehicle records. You could check on many government systems to find out if a car has insurance.

Who Can Check Insurance

The Ministry of Transportation helps to check insurance. They run Ontario’s Insurance Validation program. They keep a vehicle database with details about cars registered in Ontario. This gets updated on a regular basis. It keeps a list of the VIN and license plates of cars. It also has details about the status of mandatory insurance. This database has details of coverage on the cars.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada keeps this database and updates it. Law enforcers such as the police also have access to this database. They can check if a vehicle has active insurance. The Ministry of Transportation can use this database to check when a license plate is due to renew.

How To Check Insurance On A Used Car

Used Car

The vehicle identification number or VIN gives vital details of a car. This is a series of 17 characters with letters and digits. The VIN identifies a specific model of auto. This code is unique to each vehicle.

You may want to know if a car was ever involved in a collision. You may want to check if that car was ever damaged by a flood. This will brand the car as non-repairable. As a car gets flooded till the dash bottom it damages many parts. Such a car gets branded as non-repairable. All provinces prohibit from using such a car on the roads. You may not want to buy such a car. These are some vital factors that could affect your decision to buy that used car.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada also keeps a database of information. They know about reported used cars that were non-repairable. It is free to use this service. This effort protects insurance consumers from fraud. This database has all details of the car based on its VIN. The member insurance companies support IBC to maintain this database.

4 Easy Steps to Use VIN Verify Service

  1. You need to get the VIN of the used car that you plan to purchase.
  2. Enter the VIN in the provided field on the IBC web page.
  3. Agree and accept the terms and conditions for using the service.
  4. Search the database by entering the code.

This database will have a list of these damaged used cars. This database may not have the latest additions and updates. Or those vehicles may not have been removed with the wrong branding. Duplication of VIN is also possible. It may be necessary to check the authenticity of the VIN. So, you may ensure that the VIN matches all the documents and the car.

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