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Do Spouses Have To Be On Same Car Insurance?

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There can a lot of confusion over car insurance. Part of this comes from most not reading their insurance policy. Or not asking questions of their agent or insurance provider. One of the common areas of confusion comes with an insured deciding whether to put their spouse on their car insurance. Or whether this is mandatory.

The answer is no there is no law that says you have to add your spouse to your car insurance. However do be aware that:

Many insurance companies will state in their policies that all licensed drivers living in your household must be listed as drivers.

If this were not in your policy you may want to think carefully as to why you would not want to add your spouse to your policy.

If your spouse has their own vehicle then it may be that they would not be likely to be driving your vehicle. But in the event, their car broke down and they had to use yours then this could be outside the scope of an occasional driver. This means without being on your policy they may not be insured.

What Your Insurance Company Determines

Every insurance company is different. That is why it is always a good idea for those needing insurance to shop around. Some insurance providers have no problems with married couples having separate policies. Then other companies may not allow this.

If you are married but not living at the same address then it is a different circumstance. Most insurance companies will not want the spouse on your policy. The spouse will have to obtain their own insurance if they are driving a vehicle.

Can I Remove My Spouse From My Car Insurance?


There are times when an individual may want to remove their spouse from their car insurance. It may be that they are separating, and headed for divorce. Or, it may be that the spouse is no longer going to be driving.

In most cases the Insurance Companies want you to list all licensed drivers within the same dwelling on your vehicle insurance. It is because they believe there is a possibility that those individuals may drive your car.

In most cases, the insurance company will not remove a named driver from the vehicle insurance without that person’s consent, which would likely need to be in writing. What this means is because this is joint vehicle insurance consent needs to be by both parties.

If the reason for the removal of the spouse is due to divorce then and the spouse has moved out you need to update your insurance policy to reflect this. The spouse who has moved out will have to arrange for new insurance. They may have the option of taking out insurance with the same company but under a policy that is in their name reflecting their new address. Most of the insurance companies will give them the same discounts that they are applicable for as per the original joint policy.

Removal For Other Reasons

There may be other reasons for wanting to remove a spouse from the insurance while they are still living at the same address. This can be done but again with their consent. If this is done that spouse would never be covered under your vehicle insurance even as an occasional driver. This means thinking very carefully about making such a move.  On occasion, a spouse may be considered a high-risk driver which increases the cost of the joint insurance. This may be a reason for wanting them removed from the policy. But again they would have to put in writing they would never be driving the vehicle under any circumstances.

Can My Husband Drive My Car If He Is Not On My Insurance?

The answer to this is going to be it depends. If you are living in the same household together then your husband should be listed on the insurance policy. It is assumed by Insurance companies that if other drivers live in the same household they may drive the vehicle on occasion. Most insurance companies will compel you to list these drivers.

If your husband and you are separated and live in separate residences then he will not be listed on your insurance. However, you may be on good terms, and on a rare occasion, he may drive your vehicle. This could technically place the spouse in a position of being an occasional driver, and as such would be covered. However, every insurance company is different and this is a question that you should ask your insurance company.

Do Married Couples Have To Be On The Same Car Insurance Policy?


Often when a couple gets married they each have their own car insurance. Either of them may be reluctant to switch over to the other partner’s insurance company. They are not compelled to do this. However, because the spouse is a licensed driver living in the same household the Insurance Companies for both parties have to be made aware of this. Most insurance companies want to know what licensed drivers are living in the same household.

The Benefits Of Listing Your Spouse On Your Insurance

To begin with, if your insurance company asks you to list drivers in the same household you are compelled to do so. If you don’t and a driver from the house uses the car and a claim is created the insurance company may not cover that claim. Every time a claim is put into an insurance company they will do an investigation. If they find the driver has the same address as the insured and was not listed as a household driver that will be enough for them to have grounds not to pay the claim.

The Benefits Of Having Joint Insurance

There are a lot of benefits to married couples having joint insurance. They can often enjoy reduced rates as a result of the potential discounts that may be available. In this case, the vehicle owned by each spouse would be covered under one policy.

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