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When individuals are buying a vehicle, they set many different expectations about it. One that takes priority for the majority is the safety factor. It is important for any vehicle. It often leads to doing some comparisons based on this factor. A lot of people will want to know the differences between SUVs and sedans in regards to which is safer.

Differences Between SUV and Sedan

There are many different components that vehicles have. Many of these lend to their safety factors. To determine whether an SUV or sedan is safer the difference in the components is a big factor. They have to review carefully.

The Sedan

When looking at the sedan, it can mean looking at several different types. There are the fastback, two-door, and hardtop just to give a few examples. There are three distinct segments of the sedan. These are the passenger area, the storage or cargo area, and the engine area. The sedan has fixed window frames, and they are fully enclosed vehicles.


The SUV is a sports utility vehicle. It is like the station wagon design. It has some components like what a large sedan would. But also it has other components that belong to the minivan and the pickup trucks.

One of the distinct differences between the sedan and the SUV is the seating. The sedan allows for two rows of seating while the SUV has three rows. The sedan has a lower ground clearance compared to the SUV.

SUV vs. Sedan Safety

In general, SUVs are safer vehicles to be in if a collision occurs. At least that is the opinion of many.  But, this is only one safety factor that needs consideration.  The logic here is that the SUV is a heavier and larger vehicle. It can withstand a crash better than the lighter vehicle being the sedan would. It pertains to head-on collisions.

Combined Safety Factors

There are many different aspects that are important when it comes to safety factors. As they pertain to either of these vehicles. It is what makes it difficult to be definitive in the answers to overall safety. There are different components and different circumstances that can arise. It is concerning safety and is what creates the challenge.

A lot of people worry about how a vehicle will withstand a collision. It means preventative safety measures also have to be a priority. Each of these vehicles has its built-in safety components to help prevent collisions. It means that each of these is considered as well. When taking into account which vehicle is safer.

There are different categories of these two vehicle models. These are other factors that come into play. They each have their small medium and large sizes. It means that they are all going to have specific safety factors that people have to look at.

There are different lists of the best safe vehicles. These will often differ.  It is because those doing the testing set different standards and use different methods.

2017 Safety Ratings for Sedans

In general, those named as the best safety-rated sedans of 2017 are as follows;

  • Volvo S 60
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • The Volkswagen Jetta
  • Plus the Volkswagen Golf R
  • And the Volkswagen Golf GTI

2017 Safety Ratings for SUVs

The SUVs recognized as the best safety rated for 2017 models are;

These are not all-inclusive lists.

What Do Insurance Companies Think?

Insurance companies use many different types of data for rating a vehicle overall. They must do this to help come up with a figure for the premiums. They will often look at the statistics for the particular province. In regards to where the driver will use the vehicle.

For those looking for Ontario insurance, the stats for this province will be important. At least to the insurance company.

They will also look at the many different reports that each manufacturer puts out. It will be with respect to the safety rating. Also, in regards to how they have placed on their products. Then combined with this they will also take a look at customer claims. They may look within their organization. They will do this to see which particular vehicles have had the most claims. What they discover from this will play an important role in the rating of a particular vehicle.

When it comes to the sedans and the SUVs the insurance companies will make careful comparisons. They will use the data collected to be able to do this. They may discover that each of these categories has its pluses and minuses. These all need weighing out. The safety factor is just one of many factors that affect the premiums.

Why Might It Be That the SUV Costs More to Insure?

Many assume that SUVs are higher-priced vehicles to insure. They sometimes believe that this is because the SUV may not have a better safety rating. It is not the case. There are different models of SUVs.  They are all going to have different determinations for safety. What is also taken into account is the cost for potential claims for both of these types of vehicles. It may be that an SUV would create a higher claim than a sedan would. Again this is another one of the many factors taken into account.

Making The Decision

There are many people that are trying to decide between an SUV or a sedan. They need to look at their circumstances. The cost of the insurance is going to be important, but the safety factor of the vehicle is the priority. By looking at as much information as possible, it can help one be more informed. Especially when it comes to the safety features.  Being more informed means that one can make an informed decision. One has to consider the safety features of these vehicles. Plus, they must also take a look at their driving skills. Each driver has to determine what they feel more comfortable driving. Is a sedan a better choice for this purpose compared to an SUV? Also, the driving conditions are another factor.

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