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Here is a list of some of the best-selling SUVs in Canada:

  1. Toyota RAV4 – The RAV4 is a popular compact SUV that has been a top-seller in Canada for many years. It offers a spacious and versatile interior, good fuel efficiency, and plenty of standard safety features.
  2. Honda CR-V – The CR-V is another popular compact SUV that offers a comfortable and practical interior, good fuel efficiency, and strong reliability. It also features many advanced safety features as standard.
  3. Ford Escape – The Escape is a compact SUV that offers agile handling and plenty of available features, including a hybrid powertrain. It also has a spacious and comfortable interior and good towing capacity.
  4. Nissan Rogue – The Rogue is a spacious and practical compact SUV that offers a smooth and comfortable ride, plenty of standard features, and strong fuel economy.
  5. Mazda CX-5 – The CX-5 is a stylish and sporty compact SUV that offers a premium interior, athletic handling, and good fuel efficiency. It also has a reputation for strong reliability.
  6. Hyundai Tucson – The Tucson is a compact SUV that offers a comfortable and well-equipped interior, good fuel efficiency, and a strong warranty.
  7. Subaru Forester – The Forester is a versatile and capable compact SUV that features standard all-wheel drive, good fuel efficiency, and a spacious and practical interior.
  8. Jeep Cherokee – The Cherokee is a rugged and capable compact SUV that offers strong off-road capability and a choice of several powerful engines. It also has a comfortable and well-equipped interior.
  9. Chevrolet Equinox – The Equinox is a practical and efficient compact SUV that offers a spacious and well-equipped interior, good fuel efficiency, and a choice of two turbocharged engines.
  10. Kia Seltos – The Seltos is a new compact SUV that has quickly become popular for its spacious and upscale interior, good fuel efficiency, and strong value proposition.

It’s worth noting that this is not an exhaustive list and that there are many other SUVs available in Canada that may also be popular or well-regarded.

There are several reliable SUVs available in the market. However, it’s important to note that reliability can vary based on factors such as the model year, mileage, maintenance history, and driving conditions. That being said, here are some SUV models that have a reputation for reliability based on industry reports and surveys:

  1. Toyota RAV4 – The RAV4 has been a top-rated SUV for reliability, with a reputation for longevity and durability. It also comes with a good track record for safety and fuel efficiency.
  2. Honda CR-V – The CR-V is another popular SUV known for its reliability, low maintenance costs, and resale value. It has also been praised for its practicality and fuel efficiency.
  3. Subaru Forester – The Forester is a reliable and capable SUV with standard all-wheel drive, a reputation for long-lasting durability, and a strong safety record.
  4. Mazda CX-5 – The CX-5 is a stylish and sporty SUV known for its reliability, high-quality interior, and fun-to-drive nature.
  5. Lexus RX – The RX is a luxury SUV that has consistently ranked high in reliability ratings, thanks to its high-quality construction and advanced technology features.
  6. Toyota Highlander – The Highlander is a three-row SUV known for its reliability, durability, and strong resale value. It also offers a comfortable and practical interior with good fuel efficiency.

It’s worth noting that reliability can vary depending on the specific model year, so it’s important to research the reliability of the particular SUV model you are interested in, based on independent third-party reviews and customer feedback. Additionally, regular maintenance and timely repairs can help ensure the long-term reliability of any SUV.

What to look for when buying an SUV?

Kia suv


When buying an SUV, here are some things to consider and look for:

  1. Purpose: Consider what you will be using the SUV for. Do you need a family car, a car for daily commuting, a vehicle for off-road driving, or for long-distance road trips? This will help determine the size, power, fuel efficiency, and features you need.
  2. Size: Determine how much space you will need. Do you need a large SUV with third-row seating, or will a compact SUV suffice? Consider the amount of cargo space and passenger space you require.
  3. Safety features: Check the SUV’s safety features, including airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and lane departure warning. A good safety rating from organizations like the IIHS or NHTSA is also important.
  4. Fuel economy: Check the SUV’s fuel economy to determine its efficiency and operating costs. A hybrid or electric SUV may be a good choice for those looking to reduce fuel costs and emissions.
  5. Performance: Consider the SUV’s performance and driving dynamics, including acceleration, handling, and suspension. Also, consider the type of transmission, whether it’s automatic or manual, and the type of drive, whether it’s two-wheel or four-wheel drive.
  6. Interior features: Check the SUV’s interior features, such as infotainment systems, touchscreen displays, climate control, seating and storage capacity, and other amenities. Look for features that meet your needs and are easy to use.
  7. Maintenance and repair history: Check the vehicle’s maintenance and repair history to determine any previous issues or needed repairs. Also, ask if there is any warranty or service contract available.
  8. Test drive: Always take the SUV for a test drive to evaluate its performance, comfort, handling, and other features. Make sure it meets your expectations and feels comfortable and safe to drive.
  9. Price: Determine the SUV’s fair market value and compare it to the asking price. Look for any available incentives, promotions, or financing options to help reduce the overall cost of the SUV.

By considering these factors, you can find an SUV that meets your needs and provides a safe, comfortable, and efficient driving experience.

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