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Due to the fact that every insurance company is different the answer to this question is it all depends. Some insurance companies include this as part of their insurance package. Other insurance companies may offer it as an add-on. Then there will be other insurance companies that do not include it as part of your insurance coverage.

How Do You Get Insurance To Pay For Towing?

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Whether your insurance is going to cover the cost of the two will depend on the circumstances. For example what kind of coverage do you have. For example, some insurance companies may offer roadside assistance as part of their coverage.

If your insurance coverage is only for liability insurance then in most cases the tow will not be covered. However, if the tow resulted in an accident then it may be that the cost of the tow is covered. If you were not at fault. The other party’s insurance would have to cover the cost.

Collision Coverage

Basic insurance coverage is mandatory in Ontario. But, there is also additional insurance coverage that you can get. This is collision coverage. If you do not have this coverage and if you are at fault for the accident then your insurance is not likely to cover the cost of the tow.

How Do I Know If My Car Insurance Covers Towing?

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You need to understand exactly what your vehicle insurance covers. You can do this by reading your insurance policy in its entirety. You can also specifically ask your insurance company questions pertaining to towing coverage.

In most cases when an accident occurs you should contact your insurance immediately. Many times this is done at the scene of the accident. If so, then the insurance representative can be asked right then If towing is covered. Even if not many insurance companies will offer important advice as to what should be done if the vehicle needs towing.

Do I Need Insurance To Tow A Car?

You do not need insurance to have your car towed. However, you do need to have insurance coverage in order to have driven that vehicle. Tow companies have their own insurance coverage for the services they provide. Once they are towing your vehicle they are responsible for it.

Does Insurance Cover Towing After An Accident?

The answer to this is the same as previously stated. It will depend on the type of insurance you have. It will also depend on who is at fault for the accident.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing A Trailer?

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If you have opted into liability insurance, in most cases this will ensure your trailer while it is being towed by you. However, you have to be aware of what the proper requirements are for towing trailers. It has to be hitched properly and have the proper lighting system. Such as indicator lights and brake lights. The trailer has to be considered roadworthy. If any of these criteria were found to be missing then it could affect any claim that was made in regards to the insurance on the trailer which may or may not include the towing.

When it comes to trailer insurance part of its coverage may fall under home insurance. It is important to check with your insurance company to see exactly what kind of insurance is applicable to your trailer and what portion covers what.

Can I Use My Insurance To Tow Another Car?

In most cases, the insurance for your vehicle only applies to the vehicle named on the insurance. As such it will not cover the tow of another car. However, if you have liability insurance and you are at fault in an accident then your insurance coverage may be responsible for covering the tow of the other vehicle. This will be determined between your insurance company and the other party’s insurance.

Tips About Towing

As said, you should beforehand whether your insurance company includes towing in your coverage.

Do You Have To Have The Car Towed?

Not every car that is involved in an accident needs to be towed. If the car is still functional and safe to drive then it will not need to be owed.

Obtaining Tow Truck Services

If you have contacted your insurance company at the scene of the accident they may advise you as to how to go about towing. They may have a list of preferred towing services. If not you can use any towing services of your choosing. You do not have to use a tow truck that arrives at the scene. Some towing services have tow truck drivers that they will dispatch to the scene of an accident immediately upon becoming aware of the collision. You do not have to use their services and are free to call any towing service of your choosing.

Usually, the towing company will tow the vehicle to where you want the vehicle to go. In most cases, this may be to a collision repair shop.  However, there may be a requirement by law to have the vehicle towed to a collision center. If you have had to call the Police to tend to your accident they will advise you as to whether this is necessary. You will be responsible for paying for the two charges immediately. Usually, this is done through a credit card. The costs will vary and often depends on the distance the car is being towed.

Roadside Assistance

A lot of insurance companies are now offering roadside assistance programs, that are stand-alone services aside from standard car insurance. This type of coverage includes towing for a variety of different purposes. Plus it provides additional services like jump-starting a battery or changing a flat tire. There are a lot of different programs that offer these types of programs and they do not have to be obtained through an insurance company.


You should be aware of what steps you would need to take in the event your vehicle needed to be towed before this happens. This way you will b clear as to what costs you may have to incur.

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