Desjardins Insurance has been providing financial peace of mind for over 5 million Canadians since 1948. Offices coast to coast provided in in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax and St. John’s as well as the Head Office in Levis, Quebec ensure that clients, business, personal and groups can maintain direct access to their expert network of plan representatives, consulting actuaries, brokers and agents right across Canada.

A corporate pioneer of financial institutions making insurance available to their clients Desjardin Insurance remains among the top four life and health insurers in Canada. Helping their client determine their own financial profile. Working with them to determine and action plan. Explaining risk and-and costs involved and maintaining contact and regular follow-up is part of the commitment that Desjardin provides when you work with their advisors.

Services & Products Available at Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance

• Individual life insurance, health and disability insurance, Credit insurance, Accident insurance,
• Travel insurance, Home and Auto insurance
• Individual Savings and Investments funds (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, LIRA and LIF)
• Term Investments, Market-linked Term Investment and Annuities
• Group Insurance plans. Working with employers and group plan advisors and administrators to ensure your plan meets the needs of all your group members.
• Disability Management and Prevention Plans for Groups
• Group Healthcare Insurance, Quality Assurance, Liaison Newsletters, Group Insurance Forms and Plan Member Services.
• Group Retirement Savings Plans or Group Retirement Income Plan. Helping our clients identify their need and the needs of their employees to help select from our choices of Retirement Savings Plans.
• Management Solutions and support to help your group meet the Capital Accumulation Plan Guidelines.
• Education Solutions keeping your members abridged of the group retirement savings plan.
• Investment Solutions. You have your choice of going with our funds selected by our teams of experienced investors or depending on how much time and effort you wish to contribute to managing your own fund we can help. Complete the Investor Profile Questionaire and determine your individual risk tolerance level.
• Fund management and Rates of Return visibility access
• Financial advice and planning for major purchases and life events. (Purchasing a house or a car, planning a wedding or having a child, starting a business or new investment opportunity, planning extended vacations, physical impairment or loss, planning retirement).

Market Strength & Reliability of Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance

Financial Security

For over a century Desjardin Insurance has been providing Canadians with financial security. Named One of the World’s safest Banks by Global Finance in 2011 Desjardin is one of the most secure. Now with more than 42,500 employees across Canada Desjardin group can depend on for its cooperative nature, their network of subsidiaries and their financial strength and stability to succeed in providing for and contributing to the economic well-being of Canadians.