There’s nowhere in Canada or possibly the world where a great deal in car insurance is harder to come by than in Ontario. It takes close to five percent of the average driver’s disposable income to pay for auto premiums in the country’s largest province, while motorists in Quebec enjoy rates almost twice as affordable. Yet there are sometimes substantial savings in Ontario. It’s a competitive market here, so no two insurers calculate your premium in precisely the same way. This gives the opportunity to find great auto insurance deals.

Comparison Shopping

Ratelab’s car insurance calculator is the best place to start. A search right from this page seeks out the lowest prices for your car insurance needs. Dozens of insurers are sampled and the most affordable coverage is estimated. The more accurate the information, the closer your quote will be to the final cost of your insurance. In one simple step, the best insurance companies for your situation are identified, saving you hours of manual searching.

Combine Policies

Owning more than one insurable vehicle can earn discounts when you combine policies with one insurer. Likewise, if you’ve recently gotten married or added another driver to your household, you can add them onto your policy to get a multi-driver discount from many companies. Insuring your home with the same company can also lead to discounts on both car and home insurance.

Remove Unnecessary Coverage

It’s never wise to pay for things you don’t need, yet many Ontario drivers carry unused coverage on car insurance. In some cases, it doesn’t add cost. For example, when an insurance company offers bundled coverage, there may be some items in the package that you don’t use, but are effectively free. However, if you’re paying more for particular endorsements, each of these will add to your premiums. If you drive an older car, carrying collision insurance may not be necessary once the blue book value of the car drops significantly.

Raise Your Deductible Limits

Insurance is comparable to betting. You’re buying coverage in part as a gamble that you will be in an accident and you want to limit your loss. Your insurance company is betting that you’ll pay more in premiums than you will cost in claims. You can hedge your bets, though. Raising your deductible limit changes the risk/reward ratio. Higher deductibles mean lower premiums. However, like any trip to Vegas, be sure you have the means to cover your bets!

Ask for Discounts


Most insurance companies have any number of discounts available to clients who meet certain milestones or criteria. Combining policies is one such discount, but there could be many others at your disposal. Few insurance companies will automatically apply discounts to your policy if they even know that you qualify. Ask your agent or broker frequently about discounts for which you may apply. The car insurance landscape in Ontario is changing in an attempt to reduce high rates, so the discounts available are also changing. For example, changing to snow tires for the winter months will earn a discount applied year-round.

The more you know and understand about your car insurance, the better chance you have of finding auto insurance deals.