Be a Smart Canadian Business Person by Getting a Business Credit Card

You know that in the business world, all transactions do not take place with cash. Have a ready line of credit available to you at all times by applying for one of the reliable business credit cards offered by leading credit card institutions in Canada.

As a smart business person, whether you have a big or a small business, you must know how to keep a cash flow. But for emergency payments, you need a simple solution that will provide you money for making urgent payments concerning your business transactions.

What are Canadian Business Credit Cards?

A business credit card provides you a line of credit–an option to make urgent payments concerning your business. It is a hassle-free, convenient way of having short-term cash available at all times.

Business credit cards come with a number of benefits and allow you to keep your personal line of credit separate from your business funds. The RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard is a Canadian business credit card that offers a number of rewards to users.

Why Should You Get a Business Credit Card Like the RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard?

You know that running your business requires a number of credit transactions. You cannot use your personal credit card for making business payments. Mixing business with personal life is neither good for you nor your business.

Whenever you need short-term cash for urgent business payments, your business credit card is going to come in handy! You do not need to tie up the cash in your business accounts for emergencies because you will have your business credit card for that purpose.

Pros of Business Credit Cards 


  • A business credit card provides you with ready cash for making emergency payments whenever your business requires
  • Business credit cards like the RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard allow you a number of rewards, including a 2 percent cash-back on your purchases for a specified period of time
  • A number of business credit cards in Canada offer a no annual fee option
  • Most business credit cards give a good maximum limit
  • Business credit cards offer a number of business-related rewards that can come handy for your business. These rewards include discounts and special offers and vouchers for business-related products and services as well as airline miles
  • You can easily use your business credit card to continue doing business as usual during months when the budget may be unusually tight

Cons of Business Credit Cards 

  • You may have to submit a lot of details about your business to the credit company issuing your card
  • A bad credit history can put your business reputation at stake
  • Amount of late fees can be much higher than that on personal credit cards