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When you choose a Costco Roadside Assistance plan, you can relax knowing that you will be covered round the clock. Costco offers emergency roadside assistance in Canada through a subsidiary (Assistance Canada). When you subscribe to Costco’s roadside assistance, you will be covered no matter where you drive in Canada or in the continental United States. Costco Roadside Assistance includes towing services, lockout services, emergency fuel delivery, battery boost, flat tire services, and more.

How to Join Costco Roadside Assistance?

When you purchase a Costco Roadside Assistance plan, your personal information is sent to a customer support agent from Assistance Canada. The customer support agent would then verify who you are and if you are eligible for the roadside assistance coverage offered by Costco. When an Assistance Canada agent contacts you, they only ask for your name and phone number. Maintaining your privacy is of the greatest importance to them.

After verifying your eligibility for the plan, the customer support agent from Assistance Canada will request payment, following which your coverage is effective. It usually takes 48 hours for your plan to be activated once the payment is made. Once your coverage is active, you will be protected by Costco’s roadside assistance services, no matter when or where you drive in Canada or in the United States.

What is included in Costco Roadside Assistance plans?

Towing Service

Towing Services: Costco offers towing services if your vehicle has a mechanical failure on the road, not caused by an accident. A service provider will tow your vehicle to the nearest authorized repair shop.

Jump Start: If you get stranded because your vehicle does not start, an authorized service provider from Costco will be sent to your location to help restart the vehicle.

Tire Service: A service provider will be sent to where you are to change the flat tire with your inflated spare tire, provided the spare tire is adequately inflated and safe to drive with.

Gas Delivery: Costco’s service providers deliver fuel at no additional charge.

Winching: Costco offers an emergency winching service to extract your vehicle from a ditch or from snow, provided it is in a busy area where standard winching equipment can be used.

Lockout Services: If you have lost or broken your ignition key, Costco sends an emergency locksmith to your location to unlock the car.

Costco Roadside Assistance offers the popular Standard Plus Plan which covers vehicles that are less than twelve years old and includes no more than 4 service calls a year. Call (877) 845-4179 for more information.


  1. Dale Mansfield 8 February 2020 at 10:08 am - Reply

    Is there a testimonial page for Costco roadside assistance where I can post my experience with them?

  2. Moe 16 June 2021 at 8:23 am - Reply

    Hello how can I become a tow provider with Costco
    We have to tow businesses in Windsor Essex area
    Thank you

  3. Tracey Hackett 16 September 2021 at 11:46 am - Reply

    I’m looking to purchase roadside assistance. I can’t find a phone number to contact this department.

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