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Continental Extreme Winter Contact Review


Some people may wrongly label Continental as sub-par because of their low prices, but their magnificent winter tire is getting a great deal of appreciation from analysts, reviewers, and clients.

BMW made Continental tires the standard choice for their cars.  This collaboration has boosted Continental’s reputation.  Clients who have BMWs emphatically state that the tires are perfect for the quality and idiosyncrasies of the vehicles they adore.  The affordable price of the Continental Extreme Winter Contact adds to the overall appeal of the tires.

Compared to numerous tire producers, Continental doesn’t waste time with extravagant advertising for their elastic innovation.  The primary function of their tire is to stay adaptable in areas that are experiencing extreme coldness.  What sets Continental apart from other companies that produce similar tires is their longitudinal and lateral design.  The focal longitudinal area is counterbalanced by the centerline of the rubber, allowing the tread range a bigger zone for better grip on ice and snow. Small projections on the tire’s exterior keep them firm, yet flexible.

Parallel sections on the exterior are shallower than most, which grants it a higher level of stiffness compared to the inward treads. Those sections are slanted on a certain degree.  The inclination flushes water rapidly to avert hydroplaning.  The internal tread-zone contains numerous mismatching, slanted furrows, making unpredictably shaped treads. The profoundly calculated notches permit snow to pack in and drop out effectively, keeping a good grip on snowy roads.

snowy road

Continental Extreme Winter Contact will give your car a better grasp on ice and snow.  The brake performance and acceleration rate are as good if not better than most tires on the market. The wet grip of the tire is also outstanding.  On dry surfaces, Continental Extreme Winter Contact is quiet, responsive and light for a winter tire.  The handling of the tire is phenomenal, providing vehicles with a clean and smooth drive.

The Continental Extreme Winter Contact is a perfect winter tire in terms of function and price.  They are highly recommended for the owners of BMW cars who want to use their car during the winter season, and anyone seeking a good winter tire at a great price.

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