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Car insurance is a must for all motorists in Ontario. As you start to shop for car insurance, you may have many options to choose from. There are various types of coverages. They may give your car different levels of protection.

You may have to weigh in all the options and decide. It is optional to purchase the comprehensive coverage with mandatory. You could save a bit on your insurance by not having optional coverage. Or you may arrange to add protection for your car against most perils.

What Is Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance is a type of optional coverage you could add to your car insurance. It is not mandatory coverage. It does provide protection against external sudden situations which are beyond your control. Many agree to the fact that the cost of purchasing this coverage is reasonable. It could offset the steep cost of repair.

What Perils Does it Cover?


This coverage protects a car from any kind of external damage. This may not be directly caused by another car or driver. There may not be any alerts about such events that could damage your car. By adding this coverage, it may pay for the cost of replacing your car with the same cash value. It may also pay for repairing the damages to the car. You may have to make an informed decision to purchase this coverage. It is wise to carefully consider all the potential perils.

Vandalism or Riots

Any loss due to vandalism where someone intentionally causes damage to your car may be covered under this insurance. This insurance also covers any damages caused to the car due to riots or mobs due to civil unrest. Such conflicts are difficult to control and those involved may cause damages to anything in general.  But if an unidentified third party is responsible for a hit and run incident that damages your car,  this may not be covered.

Flying Or Falling Objects

As an example, there are potential dangers lurking when a car is parked near a construction site unprotected. There could be chances that some kind of debris may fall on the car and that impact may cause some damage. This coverage insurance does provide protection against such damage.

Theft or Attempted Theft

You may also file a claim under this coverage if someone tried to steal something from the car. If there are not able to steal, the damage caused due to the attempt may also be claimed for under this coverage.

Natural Disasters

Changes to the environment may be sudden or gradual. Sometimes storm damages do happen without warning. If these kinds of environmental changes damage the car, that may be covered by this insurance.

Is There A Deductible

The standard deductible on comprehensive coverage is $500. In most cases, you may have to pay the deductible. This is due to the fact that there is no other insurance or driver involved.

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