Do Two Door Cars Cost More To Insure?

For those who want the best insurance rates possible this is an important question. But, the answer to it is not all that simple. It may be a yes or a no. An answer likes this can add to the frustration of Insurance shopping. Yet with some further research, it can be more understood.

Is Insurance Higher for a Two-Door Car?

It seems like such a simple question, and it is. But the answer to it all depends and it is because of the Insurance Companies. A lot of people think that all Insurance Companies are the same. With this thinking, it often leads a person to not getting the best deal on their insurance.

If the Answer is Yes

If an individual buys a two-door car, they may find their insurance rates are higher. So, in this case, the answer is yes. The answer may have come through receiving a quote. Or, it could have been through an Insurance broker. Then again it may have come from the actual Insurance provider. It now raises another question.

Why Are Two Door Cars More Expensive to Insure?

Every insurance company has their specific approach to set insurance rates. That is why they are different. It is why the prices will differ among the companies for insurance.

One can go to two different insurance companies with the same information. They can end up with two different quotes. Yet, it may be that the vehicle is a two-door. So why is that?

There are many different factors that the Insurance Company will base their decision on. As a result, the quotes will differ.  But, it is not just because it is a  two-door vehicle. It only plays one part in the information used for making a decision.

A possibility:

It may be that a driver wants to insure a brand new two-door vehicle. The driver has a clean driving record except for a few minor infractions. Also, the driver will be driving the vehicle back and forth to work.

The new insurance is going to cost more than what the driver had on his previous vehicle. It may not be just because the driver is buying a two-door vehicle.

It could be that the driving infractions are now taken into account. These were not present on the driving record for the last insurance coverage. Or, perhaps the driver is now driving the vehicle to work, which he did not do before.

Another Possibility:

It may be that nothing changed for the insured except now he is insuring a two-door vehicle. The insurance company may be one that puts a lot of emphasis on the statistics. Especially for the two-door vehicles. They will also take into account the cost of the vehicle. Is it a high end two door vehicle? If so chances are it will increase the cost of insurance.

The point is there are many variables that can determine the cost of insurance. The driver should not assume it is because of the new vehicle is a two-door.

If The Answer is No to The Question, Do Two Door Cars Cost More To Insure?

For some, the insurance does not go up.

There may be nothing that has changed for the driver who is now going to insure a two-door vehicle. Other than the vehicle being a new two-door. The insurance looks at the factors that pertain to that specific vehicle. It comes down to their opinion about what their risks are for insuring that vehicle. If they are low, then it’s not probable that the premiums will increase.

What Are The Risk Factors for the Two Door Vehicles?

Insurance Companies will do their best to determine the risk factors when setting premiums. They will include the risk factors for the two-door vs. four-door vehicles. Keep in mind that each Insurance company sets their metrics for this.

The Perception

Part of the risk factors may include the perception of a specific vehicle. In general, the two-door vehicle classification is a sports type vehicle. This perception may create a greater risk factor for the insurance companies. Their thought may be that the drivers of these vehicles may take more risks. Thus, it raises the risks for the insurance companies.

Added to this is that four-door versions classification is as family vehicles. Perhaps it may mean drivers will families will take fewer risks. As compared to the drivers of the two-door vehicles.

The Gathering of Data

The insurance companies will rely a great deal on statistics and data. They will look at what stats may be available in regards to accidents that occur with two-door vehicles. They will also rely on internal data. Most insurance companies have many clients for vehicle insurance. Some of these drivers submit claims. The insurance company will use information from these claims to use for analytical purposes. It could be that the data they have shows more claims for a specific two-door vehicle. If that is the case, they may tend to set heavier premiums on this particular vehicle.

How Can You Get a Good Deal?

Based on the possibility of increased premiums it may raise another question. Should one avoid buying a two-door vehicle because of higher premiums? The most probable answer is no. That is if the driver will take a few extra steps to get a good insurance deal.

  •  Shopping for insurance requires more attention. The insurance companies vary in their rates. It is well worth getting the best insurance quotes then narrowing down the choices.
  • Look for other ways to decrease the cost of insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts for a variety of different things. For example, maybe the type or number of airbags. Or for the vehicle having an anti-locking brake system.
  • Work hard at keeping a clean driving record. It will also help to keep the rates down.

These extra steps can create some extra insurance savings. These savings could help to offset any increase for a two-door vehicle.