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Everyone likes a bargain. But when it comes to insurance, these are not expected. Yet, many of the insurance companies in Canada do offer discounts. Drivers should be aware of these. If they are, then they can ask about them when shopping for insurance. It is also something that they can be on the lookout for when reviewing insurance companies.

Another mistake that is often made is thinking discounts are only for experienced drivers. There are some discounts that do apply to new drivers as well. There are some companies that offer policy discounts plus vehicle discounts.

Private Parking Discount

Insurance companies care about where you park your vehicle. It can help prevent comprehensive damage or theft. To encourage safe parking some will offer private parking discounts.

Anti Theft Discount

There are many ways that drivers can now protect their vehicles from theft. There are devices that are applied to the vehicle to help with this. Some insurance companies are recognizing this. They are offering a discount to those drivers that are using this type of device.

Winter Tire Discount

It is well known that winter is driving and can be treacherous. If the car doesn’t have the proper tires, this can create a higher risk of collision or mishap. Some insurance companies are offering winter tire discounts. It is to encourage driving safer in adverse conditions.

Discounts For Good Students

Many insurance companies are now promoting education. They are encouraging young ones to focus on their schooling and get good marks. Some  Insurance Companies are offering them a discount on their insurance premiums. But, one of the provisions is they must be under the age of 25.

New Vehicle Insurance

Some insurance companies are encouraging drivers to buy new vehicles. Part of this is because the newer vehicles have great safety factors built into them. There are insurance companies that will offer discounts for new vehicles.

Professional Discount

Insurance companies like to be able to be unique in their offerings. They often come up with new ideas to offer and set incentives. Some are now offering what’s an occupational discount. Meaning that it applies to specific professions or careers.

Away At School Discount

There are some students insured to drive but are away at school most of the time. It is a hassle to take the student on and off the insurance. So insurance companies have addressed this in many cases. They have done so by offering an away at school discount.

Retired Discount

There are a lot of people that have retired and are over the age of 65. Perhaps they don’t drive as much or are doing long-distance driving like they once did. Their insurance company may offer a discount for this.


There are some individuals that remain with the same insurance company for many years. These insurance companies like to reward their longtime clients. They do this by offering them a renewal discount.

Farmers Discount

There are a lot of individuals who are farmers that use their vehicles even for pleasure. But stick to their property. There may be discounts available for this.

Ticket Forgiveness

Many drivers are cautious. They try to maintain all of the road regulations on occasion there can be a mistake made. As a result, they end up getting a ticket. Insurance companies realize that on occasion this can happen. What they will now offer is a ticket forgiveness discount. Meaning that the first ticket that the insured gets will not be held against them. When it comes time to renew their premiums.

Good Driving Discount

Many drivers strive to keep their driving records clean. Not only does this help them get lower insurance premiums but it may even help them to get a better discount. Some insurance companies are recognizing this and are offering a good driving discount.

New Driver Discount

New drivers often face hefty insurance premiums until they are able to build up a good driving record. Then there are those that have come to the country and are driving here for the first time. Some insurance companies may offer them a bit of a discount as a new driver.

Driver Training Discount

Many of those that are getting their license are encouraged to take driver education. Insurance companies are often offering a driver training discount. It will help them get lower premiums.

Graduated Drivers Income

In Ontario, there is a system that one has to go through or different levels to get their license. They will go through the G1, G2, and G levels. Some insurance companies are now offering different insurance rates based on the level that the individual is at. For each level they go up they may receive a decrease in their cost of insurance.

Multi-Vehicle Discounts

There are some drivers that like to own more than one car and have them both insured at the same time. Insurance companies recognize this. They will offer a better rate for multi-vehicle insurance. They do this to ensure that they can keep these particular drivers on as clients.

Hybrid Vehicle Discount

Anybody that has anything to do with the auto industry is now looking at ways to reward drivers. One way is to reward those who become more Eco-friendly. Some insurance companies are now offering hybrid vehicle discounts. It means if they are driving an Eco-friendly car they’re going to get a bit more of a discount.

These are some of the most common discounts that are available to Canadian drivers. They may vary throughout the different provinces. It is important to note that some may only apply to specific provinces. When shopping for insurance, the first step should always be to get some insurance quotes. Following this more research can be done. As it pertains to the different types of discounts. By individual companies.  Anyone discount may not seem like it’s giving a big break. When several of these are combined, it can make a significant difference to the amount of the premiums. Over the years the savings can add up.

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