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Due to traffic congestion and time constraints, many commuters in larger cities choose to leave their vehicles at home during the week and opt for public transportation instead. This doesn’t mean that they don’t own cars – it’s just that they don’t drive them to get to work. If this describes you there’s a good chance you like to hop in your car and go on road trips on the weekend, but do you have to pay the same amount of insurance if you’re just a weekend driver? Are there different policies that cover this type of driving?

Can I Insure My Car On Certain Days Of The Week Only?

In Ontario, it’s not possible to insure your car only on weekends. If you own a car and you plan on driving it on a continuous basis – even if it is only every weekend – you have to have continuous coverage. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this because the insurance companies realize that there’s the potential that you may hop in the car at any time. You may be primarily a weekend driver, but if you want to run over and grab a loaf of bread at the local store during the week you need to be covered. These scenarios are bound to come up from time to time.

Will I Get A Discount For Driving On Weekends Only?

While you can’t avoid having an ongoing insurance policy if you own a car and only drive on weekends you may be entitled to a discount. One of the first questions an insurance company asks you is how far you drive to work each day and if you don’t use the car for driving to work you need to let your agent know. The less time you spend driving in a car the less chance there is that you’ll be in an accident and your insurance company will take this into account when determining the rate.

Contacting Your Insurance Company If Driving Habits Change

contacting insurance company

There are often reasons that our driving habits change. For example, when you first take out your insurance policy you may be commuting an hour to work at a time which will cause your rates to go up because of the amount of time you spend in your car. If you then take a job closer to home that’s only a couple of minutes away you’re going to spend a lot less time on the road and you need to let your insurance company know.

The same applies if you decide to start taking public transportation to work and you don’t plan on driving a car at all. If you’re going to spend a significantly less amount time driving your car for any reason there’s a good chance you’re entitled to a reduction in your rates and that’s why it’s important to contact your insurance company when your driving habits change.

A Driver Is a Driver

In the eyes of insurance companies, there’s no such thing as a weekend driver. There are simply drivers that spend more time on the road and drivers that spend less time on the road – either way you have to have insurance that covers you continuously.

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