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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for Maserati in Ontario?

The average cost of car insurance for Maserati in Ontario is $235 per month.

In our research, we have used an example 35 years old male driver with no tickets or claims, driving the 2018 Maserati Levante SUV. Our example driver puts 5000 annual KMs and has a G license.

Things To Know About Insuring Maserati Vehicles

Maserati Gt Monochrome

  • Maserati’s are high-end luxury vehicles.
  • In 1914 four brothers shared their compassion for cars and engines by opening the Maserati company.
  • Alfieri, Ernesto, Bindo, and Ettore at that time did not realize Maserati would become a global brand.
  • Maserati’s Logo resembles Neptune’s trident.
  • Maserati has produced many race cars for Formula 1.
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles purchased Maserati in 1993.
  • Many Maserati vehicles are named after famous winds such as the Mistral, Bora, and Khamsin.

Maserati Model Factors That Lower Auto Insurance Costs

masetati levante

Maseratis are very well-made vehicles that offer occupants good protection. There are several factors insurance companies take into consideration when evaluating your vehicle and driving history. Another factor that comes into play is the area in which you live. Some areas are lower vehicle vandalism and theft areas which can reduce your premium costs. Typically 4 door Maserati vehicles have lower auto insurance premiums than 2 door models. Many 2 door models are classified as sports cars. Other auto insurance reducing factors can include seasonal auto insurance, installation of winter tires for year-round drivers, and including safety features on your vehicle.

Maserati Model Factors That Increase Auto Insurance Costs

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There are several factors that may increase insurance premiums on certain models of Maserati’s. The smaller models of Maserati vehicles typically don’t provide a high level of occupant protection resulting in higher personal injury claims. This will increase auto insurance costs. Many Maserati vehicles are high-performance sports cars. Many insurance companies charge higher premiums for these types of vehicles because they may tempt aggressive driving habits which may result in a higher risk of accidents.

Known Issues With Maserati Vehicles

Classic Maserati

Maserati vehicles suffer from several issues. The most commonly known issues pertaining to Maserati vehicles are electrical issues, axle issues, and suspension issues. Maserati vehicles have received a poor rating when it comes to reliability over the years. However, many Maserati vehicle issues happen in later years in the vehicle’s life.

Issues With the Maserati GranTurismo

The main issues with the GranTurismo typically are axle problems and suspension issues. Repair costs for Maserati are very high, as parts are expensive and most repairs take several hours, increasing labor costs.

Issues With the Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli

Many Maserati Ghibli drivers have noted issues pertaining to the reliability of the vehicle. The main issues cited by drivers include battery issues (Drains too quickly) and brake issues. Several Maserati Ghibli drivers have had to take their vehicles in for repairs several times a year.

Maserati’s have been rated low in reliability due to the fact that when they do break down the parts are very expensive and repairs can take a long time due to the difficulty in sourcing parts. Bespoke engineering is another reason Maserati’s rate is low in durability and reliability. Vehicles that use mass-production techniques tend to be more durable.

Maserati’s really aren’t meant for constant driving. They are specialized luxury show vehicles but if they are driven on an everyday basis, they will break down faster than driving them weekly.

Some Maserati Recalls

Levante White


An exterior lighting/headlight recall was made on July 11th, 2019. The headlights on certain 2019 Levante models were stated to have been higher than the maximum height. This was a safety issue as oncoming vehicles would impair driver’s visibility increasing accident risks.


On January 20th, 2017, there was a recall of 2014-2017 Quattroporte and Ghibli models and 2017 Levante models pertaining to the front assembly/power adjust on the front seats. An electrical short may occur when adjusting the front seats. This could result in a fire.

Tips For Finding The Lowest Maserati Car Insurance Rates


There are many ways you can find the lowest Maserati car insurance rates. Comparison shopping is your best option. When you spend some extra time shopping around you can save a lot of money. Read reviews people have left on auto insurance websites. Low insurance rates don’t necessarily provide the best coverage and customer service. Ask around to find out what insurance companies other people you know to use as their auto insurance providers. This will also be a good indication of what the claims process and customer service are like with various companies. Visit your local government’s website to see what auto insurance requirements there are for the area you live in. You may want to check out your employer’s group insurance to see if that will save you any money. Sometimes group insurance will be cheaper than finding your own independent insurance company.


Percent Discount Adoption

Ask insurance companies if they offer policy bundle discounts for insurance, multiple vehicles, drivers, and types of policies. Many insurance companies will give you a preferred rate if you have your homeowners insurance, and life insurance policies with them as well. When you speak with an insurance agent ask them about their various mileage thresholds. Your annual mileage is also a factor when calculating your insurance rate. Increasing your deductible on your auto insurance will also lower your premium. This means if you have a claim you will pay more out of your pocket at that time, but your premiums will be lower. Keep your driving record pristine. A driver that has several accidents will be classified as a high-risk driver and premiums will be much higher. Consider paying your insurance annual premium in full, sometimes it may cost you more to pay monthly or in a number of installments. Anti-theft devices may also reduce your auto insurance premium by up to 25%.

Monitoring Systems

Many insurance companies also offer pay-as-you-go insurance. This type of insurance coverage allows your insurer to track your driving through black box insurance. A device is installed in your vehicle and can provide you with discounts on your insurance if you are a safe driver and how much you drive.

List of All Current Maserati Models

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Maserati Car Insurance Cost by Model

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