Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance Review


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Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance is one of the top emergency roadside assistance services in Canada. It has an extensive network with over 100,000 tow trucks run by third-party service providers throughout Canada and the United States. Canadian Tire offers every possible emergency roadside service, including towing, lockout, fuel delivery, battery boost, extrication/winch and flat tire change. It covers anyone driving your registered vehicles. With Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance, you are guaranteed to get help when you need it most.

Services offered by Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance

Just like most roadside assistance services, Canadian Tire offers the following services to customers:

  • Towing
  • Flat tire replacement
  • Service calls
  • Battery boost
  • Lockout service
  • Fuel Delivery
  • And more

Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance Plans

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Canadian Tire offers two different plans: the Gold plan and the Silver plan. With both plans, you get a 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year. With both Gold and Silver plans, you are guaranteed roadside assistance no matter where you are driving in Canada or the continental United States. It doesn’t matter who is driving your vehicle – they get the same coverage that you do.

Before choosing a Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance plan, you may want to consider the following:

  • Are you a frequent traveller?
  • How often and how far do you travel?
  • What’s the type of vehicle for which you want to buy roadside assistance coverage?
  • How many people in your house are of driving age?
  • How many cars do you own?

Canadian Tire Gold Roadside Assistance Plan

The Gold plan costs $99.95/annually, with each additional vehicle costing $69.95/year. You can make a maximum of five annual service calls with the Gold plan, which is slightly above the industry average. You are offered a towing service of 250 km per service call, as well as a free fuel delivery service AND emergency fuel supply. The extrication or winch consists of two tow trucks and two service providers for around sixty minutes.

Canadian Tire Silver Roadside Assistance Plan

The Silver plan costs $69.96/annually, with each additional vehicle costing $37.95/year. You can make a maximum of three annual service calls with the Silver plan, which is lower than the industry average of 4 service calls per year. You are offered a towing Service of just 10 km per service call as well as a free fuel delivery service. The extrication or winch consists of one tow truck and one service provider for around twenty minutes.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of which roadside assistance service you choose, what’s most important is to be assured that you are covered around the clock, no matter where you are driving in Canada. That’s what you get with Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance. Before selecting a plan from Canadian Tire, compare them and commit to the one that you think would give you absolute peace of mind. We suggest subscribing to the Gold plan, simply because it offers better features at a slightly higher cost, compared to the Silver plan.



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  1. peter cullen May 6, 2017 at 12:39 pm - Reply

    we have had plan for years now through canadian tire and uased twice
    the fist time was north and thursday in the gta
    called because my wife had flat tire
    the service provider dispatched damaged nuts and broke a stud, then towed her vehicle to a dealer
    they said they needed to take the van to dealer as they were paying, but when i went to dealer the i discovered that i was paying
    i would have preffered my personal mechanic and garage as so much cheaper but was given no choice
    i called Canadian tire roadside assistance and complained but to no avail
    we have to seriosly consider the plan we coose when renewal comes due

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