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Well, so you have passed the knowledge test and got a G1 license. However, you did not have a car and now a few months later, saved some money to get one. Then you start wondering if you may be allowed to buy a car with just a G1 license. What about the insurance part?

Buying a Car with a G1 license

If you have a G1 license then it means that you have a learner or novice license and have many driving restrictions. There is no restriction on buying a car.  But in order to put a plate number on the vehicle and drive on the roads, you are required to buy insurance too. Quite often insurance companies do not give insurance coverage to novice drivers with a G1 license. So the only other option is to have someone with a full G license or G2 in your family list you on their policy. This means that you are not the primary policyholder.

This will allow you to buy a car, pay for it and register it with the insurance policy on which you are also named. The primary driver on the policy must be someone with a G2 or G license and it cannot be a G1 driver. Usually, G1 drivers ask their parents or guardians to list them on their policy. When they get a G2 license they could get their own car insurance policy.

Buying a Car in Ontario

Proof of purchase

The province of Ontario requires registering the sales of all motor vehicles and motorcycles. When you are purchasing from a dealership the vehicle registration will most likely be handled by the dealer. If you are buying a used vehicle you will need to go to a Service Ontario Center to register the vehicle within 6 days of the sale of any vehicle.

To register a vehicle, get a permit and a license plate you will need:

  • Your driver’s license or Registrant Identification Number (RIN).
  • The used vehicle information package (required if you are registering a passenger vehicle, motorcycle, or self-propelled motor home).
  • Proof of purchase.
  • Proof of insurance from a licensed Ontario Insurance provider.
  • The original permit from the seller with the completed transfer portion.
  • The portion of the permit with the plate if you already have the license plate.

To get a license plate sticker you will require;

  • Safety standards certificate.
  • Drive Clean vehicle emissions test

Other FAQs

Do I Inform My Insurer When My Kid Gets A G1 License

If your kid has passed the G1 written test and eyesight exam, great, now he/she has a learner license. At the same time, it is your obligation to inform your insurer about the new driver in your household. Most often this may not change or increase your policy premiums. Usually, when your kid gets a G2 and is aged less than 25 years old than when they are on your policy, it may raise your premiums.

However, if you do not inform them and your kid gets into an accident with your car then you may have to answer a lot of questions. Your claim could be denied too.

Can A G1 Driver Rent a Car

It may not be possible for a G1 driver to rent a car by themselves, most car rentals do refuse. But a G1 driver has to be always accompanied by a fully licensed driver at all times per law. So, it does make sense that the accompanying driver with a G license could rent the car and not the G1 driver. There are many car rental companies that hesitate to rent a car to even a G2 driver, and more so if they are aged less than 25 years.

What Do you Need To Drive A Car On Ontario Roads?

In Ontario, if you wish to drive a car then it is necessary that you satisfy all the below conditions. It is also vital that your vehicle meets all emission and safety standards.

  • Active and valid vehicle insurance with standard coverage
  • Legal vehicle permit that shows that you are the owner of that vehicle
  • Updated license plates and validation stickers

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    If a G1 license wants to finance a vehicle in their name . Can I still be on my parents insurance

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