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The answer is a definite no.  Anyone driving a vehicle in Ontario must have insurance. It is compulsory. Not only must the driver have insurance, but there is also a specific amount of coverage and type that he must have. Which is:

  • A minimum of $200,000 third party liability insurance
  • Uninsured auto coverage
  • Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage
  • Property damage coverage – direct compensation

While this is the minimum requirement there is additional insurance coverage available. It is up to each individual to determine what coverage they want over and about this.

What Happens If You Get Pulled Over Without Insurance In Ontario?

pulled over

If and when you are pulled over by the Police and asked for your proof of vehicle insurance you have to by law produce this. It will be your pink insurance slip, or if you have opted in for electronic proof then this will suffice.

If you do not produce your proof vehicle insurance you will face a fine of $5,000 for the first offense. Then if this happens again the next fine will be anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000. In addition to this, your vehicle could face an up to three-month impoundment of your vehicle. As well as have your license suspended for three months.

There could be more penalties if you were driving without insurance and an accident occurred.

In some cases, the Police officer may give you up to 24 to 48 hours to produce your proof of insurance. That doesn’t mean that you can run out and get insurance. The Police office will most likely check the date that the insurance came into effect.

Can I Drive My Parents Car Without Insurance Ontario


Some young people believe that they can drive their parent’s car without insurance. The same rules apply no matter who’s the vehicle is. You cannot drive without vehicle insurance in Ontario. You will be subjected to the same fines as driving without insurance.

There is a licensing system in Ontario that allows drivers to obtain driver’s licenses in stages.

The first stage is to obtain the G1 license. This comes with some rigid driving rules that must be followed. It gives the learning driver the opportunity to get some experience before moving up to the next level for licensing. In many cases, the G1 driver will use their parent’s vehicle during this learning period. In this case, the G1 driver does not have to have their own vehicle insurance. In fact, G1 drivers are not eligible for auto insurance. This is because the G1 driver is not allowed to drive a vehicle without a licensed driver being in the vehicle. This is along with other restrictions.

The parents who are holding the insurance for the vehicle being driven by the G1 driver should notify their insurance company about the G1 driver using the vehicle. It will be up to the Insurance company as to whether they increase the insurance premiums because of this.

Can You Drive A Car Without Insurance If You Just Bought It?

Before you become the registered owner of a vehicle you need to have proof of insurance. Unless you can provide this you will not be allowed to carry through with the vehicle’s registration which you will need to get valid license plates. Without these plates, you will get pulled over by a police officer if they happen to see you driving without them.

How Long Can You Drive A Car Without Insurance?


You cannot drive a car in Ontario without insurance, period. There is no excuse that would be accepted by any authorities for your driving without the mandatory insurance.

Paying The Fine

In most cases, financial arrangements can be made to pay the fine in installments. Just because your fine is not paid off it will not affect your, being able to get insurance. If you do not honor the payment plan for the fine then you could end up with your license being suspended. Then that would affect your ability to get insurance as you would not have a driver’s license during suspension.

How Long Does Driving Without Insurance Stay On Your Record In Ontario?

Aside from getting some hefty fines for driving without a license, you are going to face some additional consequences that involve your vehicle insurance.

Your Driving Record


When insurance companies are determining what your premiums are going to be they check out a lot of data. Some of which include metrics, but others which include you personally such as your driving record.

When you are charged with driving without insurance this is documented on your driving record. It is going to remain on this for three years.

During this time any Insurance company that checks this record will have access to this information.

In the majority of cases, this is going to affect the premiums you are going to pay. You do not have a clean driving record because of this.

After the three-year period is up this offense will be removed from your record and the insurance companies will no longer see it.

If your driver’s license is suspended then it will remain for three years on the record from the time it is reinstated.

Your Insurance Premiums

Every insurance company will determine the cost of vehicle insurance based on a lot of data.  Having a clean driving record is something that they take seriously. The insurance company will determine the seriousness of driving without insurance. They may factor in how responsible a driver appears to be and driving without insurance is not a responsible act. Therefore the insurance company may offer higher insurance premiums based on this.

Checking Your Record

You need to make sure that driving without insurance offense is removed from your license after the three-year period. If after the three-year period your insurance premiums don’t go down you should question your insurance company as to why the rates are remaining the same. Specifically, if your premiums have been higher because of the driving without a license offense.

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