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Being self-employed or retired bring their own unique challenges, or perhaps for other reasons you find yourself not covered by supplemental health and dental plan. You know that medical costs and services not covered by your provincial health care plan can quickly pile up just at a time when you have so much to worry about already. CAA Health & Dental Insurance can give you the type of coverage you and your family need to reduce those kinds of unexpected out-of-pocket medical costs such as ambulance service, medical equipment, registered therapies, vision, prescription drug coverage, and dental care.

There are many different ways to ensure you are getting only the coverage you need, starting with Basic Extended Health Care you choose the plan that suits your family and your budget.

Services Available at CAA Health & Dental Insurance

With a focus on individual needs and budget considerations, CAA Health & Dental Insurance strives to provide a wide variation of products and services to suit every stage in your life plan.

  • With plans focused on the needs of Singles, Single Parents, Couples, Families, and Retirees a truly customized plan ensures you are not paying for products and services you will not use.
  • Age-appropriate and time-of-life plans provide the kinds of coverage you are looking for at the right time in your life.
  • Start with Option one, Basic Extended Health Coverage just what you need for paramedical services, vision care, nursing care or medical aid equipment, and dental coverage.
  • Change in Employment? CAA Health & Dental Insurance has the Follow Me Plan that provides coverage at four levels of protection, Basic, Enhanced, Enhanced Plus, and Premiere. If you apply within 60 days of losing your group health or dental benefits no medical is required.
  • Build Your Plan lets you start with the Basic Extended Health Coverage and choose the levels of drug and or dental coverage that suit your needs.
  • Choose from one of CAA Health & Dental Insurance’s popular plans or specialize and build a plan custom fit for you.

Market Strength and Reliability of CAA Health & Dental Insurance

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Part of The Manulife Financial, CAA Health, and Dental Insurance is part of a large market share insurance group and has the ability to bring you the personalized service and ability to customize an insurance plan to fit your needs. With an organization such as CAA, you can count on the reliability and a name Canadians know and trust as well as affordable rates and a wide variety of choices in the type of coverage customization you only find with CAA.

The Manufacturer’s Life Insurance Corporation is one of Canada’s oldest and most reliable underwriting firms and insurance providers. A 30-day satisfaction guarantee means if you are not completely satisfied you may return your policy to CAA Health & Dental receive a full refund of your premiums!

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