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Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or an occasional caregiver, it’s important to have the right type of car seat while traveling anywhere with kids. Car seats change as children grow, and many people don’t realize that car seats have an expiration date. If you have kids in the car, it’s your responsibility to ensure they have a safe and comfortable seat. Read on for the top 10 car seat reviews in Canada and see if your favorite car seat makes the list.

#1 Safety 1st Guide 65/Eddie Bauer XRS 65

This car seat has a rear-facing limit of 40 pounds and a forward-facing limit of 65 pounds. It expires six years after the date of manufacture and is fairly narrow, allowing it to fit three across in a standard-sized vehicle. While it can be tricky to install, the seat is affordable and reliable enough to be a top choice for parents.

#2 Evenflo SureRide

The SureRide is rear-facing up to 40 pounds and forward-facing up to 65 pounds. It has a 6-year lifespan and is one of the most budget-friendly seats on the market. The seat fits newborns well and is not overly bulky. However, the seat does have rather narrow harness straps and lacks covers. Overall, it’s an excellent economic option.

#3 Graco My Ride

Graco is a popular choice of the car seat, and the My Ride is one of the most popular models. Its rear-facing capacity is up to 40 pounds and forward-facing up to 65 pounds. The seat lasts 7 years and fits newborns well. In the rear-facing position, it has excellent reclining capabilities, which is ideal for young kids.

#4 Britax G4.1 Convertibles: Marathon/Boulevard/Advocate

Like other convertibles, these seats’ rear-facing capacity is 40 pounds, and forward-facing is 65 pounds. They expire after seven years and are easy to install. You do not have to re-thread the harness to change the height of the straps, and the lower anchors have push-button connectors that parents love. However, the small interior shape of the seat limits legroom, and they can be quite expensive.

#5  Diono Radian R100/R120/RTX

For compact cars, the Diono Radian is the top contender. The seat rear faces up to 40 pounds and the forward faces up to 65 pounds. It has an 8-year lifespan or 10 years in booster mode. Its narrow design is ideal for small cars and can seat three across. However, some say it is prohibitively expensive.

#6 Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

car seat

The seat has a rear-facing limit of 45 pounds and a forward-facing limit of 65 pounds. It expires after 7 years and has the rethread-free harness adjustment many parents love. It fits newborns and has an adjustable crock strap. The seat is known for being outgrown easily, with most kids unable to sit in it until booster age.

#7 Clek Foonf

The simple design allows children to sit facing the rear until they’ve reached 40 pounds or face forward until 65 pounds. It lasts nine years and has water and stain-resistant fabric. It offers three recline positions in the rear-facing mode and sits higher than other seats.

#8 Safety 1st OnSide Air

This seat is a bargain. This seat is a top-performer with good rates. It seats children up to 40 pounds in the rear-facing position and 65 pounds in the forward-facing. It is a great long-term seat.

#9 The First Years Lamaze TrueFit

Available online and at retail locations, this seat is rear-facing until 35 pounds and forward-facing until 65 pounds. It has an anti-rebound bar and is fully lined with EPP foam. The seat has built-in pillows and a cup holder.

#10 Cosco Scenera 40RF

Available through Walmart or online, the Cosco Scenera 40RF is affordable and reliable. The no-frills seat provides a safe ride, rear-facing until 40 pounds or forward-facing until 65 pounds. The standard seat has all the safety features you’d expect to find in a car seat, but none of the added features (or cost!).

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