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Alliston is a small town located in Simcoe country. The homes here are a mix of new and old. Although all of them need protection with the proper home insurance. Alliston residents can rely on local insurance agents as well as insurance companies to meet their home insurance needs.

  1. Marshall Insurance
  2. Orr & Associates
  3. Co-Operators Insurance
  4. Doner Horsley Insurance
  5. Spriggs Insurance
  6. Hambly Insurance
  7. Noble Insurance
  8. McGoey Brothers Insurance
  9. Depta Insurance
  10. Sun Life Insurance

Marshall Insurance Brokers

Marshall Insurance Brokers works out of two offices one being in Barrie, and the other in Orillia but also serves clients in the Alliston area.  This insurance brokerage firm has been in the business of helping clients find their insurance solutions for over twenty years. Among the different types of insurance packages, they offer it includes home insurance.

The basic coverage starts with;

  • Home coverage
  • Coverage for outbuildings
  • Coverage for pool
  • Personal Property coverage
  • Property damage coverage
  • Liability Insurance
  • Living expenses

To further personalize their home insurance coverage prospective clients are encouraged to speak directly with one of the Marshall Insurance representatives.

Orr & Associates

This insurance brokerage company dates all the way back to 1912. Since that time it has gone through a few acquisitions but still, today stands on the same morals that the company was originally started with. Orr & Associates offers a selection of insurance packages with home insurance being one of them.

To personalize the home insurance package clients are encouraged to speak directly with a representative. The company has partnered up with several well-known insurance providers. This allows them to be able to compile a detailed home insurance package based on the client’s needs.

The Co-operators Insurance Company

Many of those who live in Alliston are familiar with the Insurance Co-Operators. They offer some great choices in a variety of different types of insurance. Homeowners will be able to do business with a local Co-Operators agent to get the home insurance they need.

This Insurance company has segregated their home insurance products into packages such as;

Prestige Plus

There are many homeowners that have bought high-end homes and need extensive coverage especially for replacement and for extras. This insurance package has been structured for them.


For the standard homeowner that wants good coverage at reasonable premiums, the Prestige package is the one most often chosen.


There are those who want the lowest premiums possible and are satisfied with the basic coverage. For them, the Classic package should work well.


To help keep the cost of home insurance down, Co-Operators lists some potential discounts that many insurance shoppers can take advantage of. These are;

  • Discount for homes ten years or younger
  • Mature Discount for those 55 or older
  • Monitored security system
  • Discount for automatic fire sprinkler system
  • Discounts for installed automatic water shut off system
  • Multi-Product discount
  • No Claims discount
  • Sustainability discount
  • Co-Operative housing discount
  • Mortgage-free discount

Doner Horsley Insurance Brokers Ltd

This company is proud of the fact that they have been serving South Simcoe which includes Alliston for over 100 years. For those looking for home insurance, this is a broker that can meet their needs.

The Company promotes that they offer a full selection of home insurance products including comprehensive insurance. They suggest that interested home insurance clients contact them directly to the representatives here who can personalize their insurance coverage as needed. To meet the needs of home insurance clients, Soner Horsley has teamed up with some well-known Insurance providers like Intact insurance for example.

Spriggs Insurance Brokers

This company is promoting that they have been servicing the Alliston and surrounding area clients for their insurance needs for over 70 years. The company puts as much focus on their home insurance products as they do with other types of insurance.

This company states that they offer a variety of insurance packages that include;

  • Basic insurance coverage
  • Comprehensive Insurance coverage

For specific details being as this is a personalized product, they ask clients to speak to their brokers directly.

Hambly Insurance Brokers

This company is located in Cookstown but provides full insurance coverage products to those living in the Alliston region. Among their insurance packages, there is the opportunity to purchase home insurance.

Very limited information is found on their website other than they do offer home insurance as they strongly believe in personal service. They are affiliated with some of the leading home insurance companies that service Canada.

Noble Insurance Brokers

Another insurance broker provides home insurance services to those living in Alliston and the surrounding region.  The company is affiliated with some leading home insurance companies.

They encourage clients to speak to the brokers at Noble Insurance to allow them to personalize their home insurance coverage.

McGoey Brothers Insurance Company

This company is promoting that they give the best insurance at the best price. Keeping in mind, they offer a variety of insurance packages which includes home insurance

McGoey Brothers prefer to deal with their clients directly when they are arranging their home insurance coverage as they have brokers on staff that can personalize it according to each client’s needs.

Depta Insurance Agency Inc

This is an agent that specialized in State Farm Insurance. This includes home insurance for those in the Alliston area.

On behalf of State Farm this agent offers home insurance that covers;

  • All risk insurance including
  • Fire
  • Lightening
  • Windstorms
  • Hail
  • Some specific water damage
  • Theft

State Farms works diligently at keeping home insurance premiums down, and they do this by offering discounts such as;

  • Discounts for a claims-free history
  • Bundling insurance
  • Security systems
  • Fire sprinklers

Plus, the company offers a free alert app which is a water and freeze detector.

Sun Life Insurance Company

Sun Life Financial offers home insurance to the Alliston area through Belairdirect. This is a company that Sun Life has chosen to team up with

Belairdirect has created home insurance packages that are designed to cover the following;

  • The house
  • Trees and shrubs surround the house
  • Additional property structures
  • Personal property
  • Additional living expenses
  • Loss of rental income

There is also the opportunity to customize individual home insurance packages

  • Bundling discounts
  • Sun Life is also offering a 10% savings on first-year premiums with referrals to Belairdirect.


Although the insurance brokers serving the Alliston area don’t give as much detail about their home insurance products, it doesn’t mean they are not offering quality products. It means that they will be shopping around for the best insurance package within the companies they have affiliated with. By doing this, they are able to develop individualized policies which is the reason they do not list all of the types of home insurance coverage options that are available.

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