Army and Military Personnel Car Insurance Discounts


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If you serve in the Canadian forces then you are privileged to be the nation’s valuable resources. You may get a very good rate for car insurance as army and military personnel. Whether you are currently serving in the forces or you are a veteran, you may enjoy certain discounts on your car insurance rates. Portability is a great concern for military personnel since relocating and posting overseas is a routine for most of them. You may look for an insurance policy that follows you whether you get a transfer or retire from the Armed Forces in Canada.

The military personnel has special requirements and unique issues regarding their personal vehicles that may need special coverage. When they are away from home for serving at their posts, they may not use their cars and could need to put a hold on the coverage. It is important for them to find an insurance company that understands their need and provides cover accordingly. Some situations may include your frequent deployments overseas during which you may store your vehicle. Or, you may think of canceling or suspending your coverage in the meanwhile.  You may consider many factors before you cancel your coverage since a gap in insurance is not preferable. So, the length of your deployment time, your location, and your car parking arrangements while you are away are some of the factors.

Best Car Insurance For Veterans And Military Personnel

Military Car Insurance

Whether you are a veteran or are currently serving in the Armed Forces, you may have special needs for your car insurance. It is not true that the insurance company that gives you the cheapest rate should be your best option. In fact, you might look for insurance companies who understand your concerns about your car insurance and give good coverage.

There are insurers that cater to specific auto insurance requirements of Canadian military members. The insurers are aware that most military personnel follow a typical lifestyle and are frequently posted away from home on duty at various locations. As military personnel, you may get special discounts and savings on your premiums from certain insurers. At the end of the day, you may not want to compromise your coverage level and pay less only to find out that you could not claim. You may shop for multiple quotes and explore your options to save cost as well as get the best-tailored car insurance.

Who May Qualify for Military Discounts on Car Insurance

Certain insurance companies provide discounts to military personnel who are veterans or currently on duty. These may include National Guards, Canada Air Force, Army & Navy, Canada Marine Corps, Reserves, Coast Guard, Military Veterans and family of military personnel.

List Of Insurers Who Offer Military Car Insurance Discounts In Canada

A lot of insurance companies provide car insurance discounts to military personnel but not all of them. Some of the insurers who may give military discounts are as follows:

Military Personnel Car Insurance Discounts

The military personnel may enjoy certain discounts from specific insurance companies. You may be able to place your insurance coverage on hold without paying any penalties. This will also avoid a gap in insurance. When you go away from home to serve in the Forces, you may not use your vehicle/s and you may inform your insurer. Once you are back home then your coverage may be back to full force and they may not increase your premiums. Retired military employees, active duty personnel, and reserves may all qualify to get a military car insurance discount from certain insurers. When you take your vehicle with you on deployment to the base then you may get a discount too. This is due to the fact that insurers consider military bases as safe for parking and storing your car with reduced car theft risk.

So, the insurance companies may let you save on your premiums when you park your vehicle at the military base. Sometimes youngsters are also veterans and could qualify for reduced rates on car insurance. When you compare the car insurance rates for a young driver with the rates for a young veteran of the same age, it may vary. If you choose a pre-authorized payment plan or pay annually then you may get a discount. That means your payment schedule is up to date even though you are on an overseas deployment. Or, even serving in another Canadian province.





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