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Class 7 And Class 5 Licensing System In Alberta

Alberta driver licensing system follows a 2 level graduated licensing system. All new drivers must go through the licensing system before they get the class 7 learners to permit. It is the starting level of licensing level that allows you to gain practice. This will let them know the tricks of the road and use the road as responsible drivers. All drivers need to practice the driving tips, follow the handbook to know the rules and regulations, and prepare for the road test. After you pass the road test then you get the class 5 license that has a 2-year probationary period. After these 2 years of probation, you get to give the full advanced road test for class 5.

What Is Class 7 License Alberta

When you have the class 7 license in Alberta then you are allowed to drive a moped and a class 5 or 6 vehicles with someone over 18 years of age. This accompanying person will have a full Class 5 driver’s license.

Requirements For Class 7 License

In order to drive with a class 7 license, you have to drive under supervision by someone with a full class 5 license. This person must be above 18 years and sit in the front seat of the passenger vehicle.

How To Get Class 7 License In Alberta

First of all, to get a class 7 license in Alberta, you must study the handbook and know the rules of the road, traffic signs, speed limits, etc. There are tests that you may try online to get a feel of the actual exam. When you feel you are ready to give the knowledge test then you may go to a registry agent. They will take the testing fees and you may take the test only once a day. In order to appear for the test, you must show have an acceptable ID.

The next step is to buy your license card and for this, your vision will be tested by the registry agent. They will check to see if your vision ability is good for safe driving on the road. After you pass the vision test and knowledge test then you may buy the class 7 license card.

If you successfully pass the knowledge test and vision test, you will be able to purchase a Class 7 learner’s license card. A temporary license card will arrive in the mail and it will have 30 days validity. This license card will arrive within 21 business days and if it does not then you may call on and report. The number to report is on the reverse side of the temporary license and you must do so within 60 days of applying. After you get your license card then you may get rid of the temporary license.

Alberta Class 7 Learners License Cost

The cost of a class 7 learners license in Alberta is around $65.00 as per the registry agent you go to.

Class 7 License Rules And Restrictions

The following restrictions and rules are applicable for class 7 drivers in Alberta

  • You may not drive during midnight and morning 5 am
  • When driving your blood must have 0% alcohol levels at any given time
  • The number of seat belts in your vehicle must not be less than the number of passengers
  • Before the suspension of your license, you may accumulate only up to 8 demerit points
  • It is necessary that a fully licensed driver over the age of 18 years accompanies you in the front passenger seat

Class 7 License Demerits

A class 7 license holder may accumulate demerit points too.

  • If the class 7 driver does not follow the curfew period from midnight to morning 5 then they may get up to 2 demerit points
  • When there are more passengers in the vehicle than the number of functional seat belts then the class 7 driver may gather up to 2 demerit points
  • In case the accompanying driver is not fully qualified then, the class 7 driver may get up to 2 demerit points.
  • The maximum number of demerit points that you may accumulate is 8 with a class 7 before they suspend your license.

Can I Buy And Register A Vehicle With Class 7 Licence In Alberta

In Alberta, before you get a vehicle you have to inspect it at a vehicle inspection center. They will show you the condition of the vehicle and any issues that may come up in the future with that vehicle. After you buy a car it is very important to have 2 things before you could drive it home. You may need Personal Car Insurance to protect others in case of a collision, vandalism, or theft of the car. This insurance is sold by private insurers. It is also necessary that your vehicle has provincial government registration. Whether you buy your vehicle from Alberta or bring it from another province, you must have the necessary documents along with Out of province inspection certificate.

Class 7 License And Insurance

In Alberta, it is possible to register a car with a learner’s class 7 license. However, it is very difficult to find an insurance company that will be willing to give insurance for your vehicle due to its high risk. Even if you do find then the insurance cost would be very high. Then the other option is to add on to your parents’ insurance and then when you are fully licensed get your own car and Alberta car insurance.


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