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How Much Is Car Insurance After Drink Driving Ban?

The average car insurance cost after a drunk driving ban is $5,760 in Ontario.

This is an estimate of how much it could go up in the province of Ontario. It can differ in each province. This estimate is based on the average insurance rate of $1,920, which increased by three times. But it could increase by as much as five times.

Does Drink Driving Course Reduce Insurance?

driving school

It can.

But this will depend on what country you are referring to. For example, the UK has a Drink Driving Course that may help to reduce the costs of insurance after a DUI. In Canada, there is a mandatory course in some provinces that have to be taken depending on the circumstances of the DUI. There are specific penalties that are given depending on the offense.

In Canada, the mandatory education program is the Back On Track Program. This is not a choice. Therefore it is not likely that taking the course will affect the increased insurance premiums in a positive way.

When pulled over for a suspected DUI there can be immediate penalties as well as additional penalties after a conviction


BAC In The Warn Range

BAC is the blood alcohol concentration level. If it is 0.05 or higher there will be a 3-day license suspension and a $250. Penalty.

If within five years there is a second offense it will be a 7-day license suspension along with a $350. Penalty. If there is a second occurrence within ten years the individual will have to take a mandatory education program.

For each additional offense in this category, there are additional immediate consequences.

Convicted In Court

If convicted in the courts for impaired driving there are additional consequences.  For example

  • For the first offense:
  • The license will be suspended for one year
  • Attending a mandatory education program or a treatment program
  • Ignition interlock device for one year
  • Mandatory medical examination

For additional offenses, the penalties become much more severe.

How Long Do I Have To Declare Drink Driving To Insurance?

Response Time

Up to six years.

However, it will also depend on how many convictions for DUI have been received. For additional convictions, the conviction can remain on the driving record for a much longer period of time. As a result, this can affect insurance for a longer period of time.

There are some that believe that the Insurance companies may not find out about a client having a DUI conviction. At least not until it’s time for their policy renewal. That may be true in some cases

Not Telling Insurance About Drink Driving

Silence Sign

The responsibility is on the insured to notify the Insurance Company about this. If they don’t and a claim occurs it could mean that the Insurance Company will not honor the claim. Even if it didn’t have anything to do with a DUI. It is important that everyone reads their policy in its entirety. It could be that there will be a clause within that stipulates what must be reported to the Insurance Companies. There may not be any specific law that says you have to report it, but why run a risk of having to put in a significant claim only to discover that the Insurance company will not cover you.

There are several insurance companies that will not provide insurance to those that have been convicted of a DUI. They have the right to refuse coverage. However, if you apply for vehicle insurance and are rejected then they have to provide you with the reason why.

Is My Car Insurance Invalid If I Drink Drive?


Part of it could be.

It is mandatory to have vehicle insurance for drivers in Canada. This is mostly to protect the third parties and property. If you have an accident while driving under the influence this could affect your claim. The insurance company will pay the third-party costs, but very well may not pay any expenses for fixing or replacing your vehicle or any of your medical expenses. Further to this, the company you are insured with may cancel any further coverage.

What Is A DUI?

The Canadian Criminal Code covers laws regarding impaired driving often referred to as Driving Under Influence (DUI). What this means is operating a vehicle when

Having taken alcohol or drugs or both

The ability of the individuals was affected to any degree by these substances.

This doesn’t mean that there has to be enough of either or both to exceed the legal limit.  A charge of impairment can be levied if the individual’s ability to drive was affected by them.

Getting Insurance With A DUI

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There may be a period of time where the individual is under driving suspension, therefore, will not require insurance as they cannot drive. Once they are legally allowed to drive again this is when they are going to have to seek out insurance coverage. They are now in the high-risk category.

Some insurance companies will not insure drivers with a DUI. But, there are some that specialize in high-risk insurance. It is worth getting quotes from these companies as there may be some variances in what the cost of the premiums is going to be. However, it will not be cheap as the category the driver is now a high risk which means much higher premiums. But at the same time at least there is an opportunity to get insurance. Otherwise without it in Canada, the driver will not be able to operate a motor vehicle as insurance is mandatory.

Don’t Be Careless

If you end up in the high-risk category because of a DUI it is going to take time for you to graduate out of the high-risk category. During this period of time, it is important to maintain an impeccable driving record. This will work to your benefit when it comes time to obtain standard insurance where you can get better premiums for having a clean record.

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