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The American Automobile Association (AAA) is one of the most popular roadside service companies in both Canada and the United States. AAA has been around since 1902 and has built an excellent reputation in the industry as a provider of high-quality and reliable emergency roadside assistance.

Why AAA?

AAA has over 69 regional clubs across North America and supports its members with its 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. AAA gives you all the help you need in an emergency with a quick response time.

AAA members get a slew of discounts at their favorite stores across Canada, and fast and speedy assistance no matter which car they are driving.  While there are a number of companies that offer towing, fuel delivery, and lockout assistance, what makes AAA unique is its massive network of providers across both the US and Canada, which enables the company to deliver super fast service as you need it.

AAA’s roadside assistance plans cover individuals, not the vehicles driven by them. So, you will get assistance from AAA whenever a car that you’re driving breaks down, even if you are driving a rental. AAA’s plans are highly beneficial for those who own more than one car. AAA also offers coverage for RV owners.

Joining AAA

If you are looking to join AAA, you will need to pay an enrollment fee in addition to the regular membership fee. Members are allowed to add on their partners or driving-age children to their AAA plan for an extra fee. AAA offers four service calls a year with its basic plan, which is about standard for emergency roadside assistance services.

AAA Plans

As an AAA member, you can join any one of three coverage plans: Classic, Plus, and Premier. Each plan offered by AAA has its own benefits and services.

All AAA plans provide prepaid 24-hour towing. With the Classic Plan, you have access to tow of five miles; the Plus plan provides towing for up to 100 miles; and with the Premier plan, you get a tow of up to 200 miles. The Premier plan gives you a free day of car rental service if you rent a car for two or more days after getting your vehicle towed.

AAA Benefits

fuel delivery

AAA offers a fuel delivery service with all plans. All three plans have access to extrication and winching services, plus a vehicle lockout service. The Classic plan covers locksmith expenses of $50, the Plus plan, $100, and the Premier plan, $150. AAA offers battery services, such as free diagnostic testing of batteries to all members. AAA also offers tire repair and mechanical first aid.

AAA offers legal-fee reimbursements as well. If you’ve been charged with a traffic violation, AAA reimburses attorney fees ranging from $500 to $1500, but only if you are found to be not guilty.

Final Thoughts

Finally, to receive the full benefit from AAA’s services, it is best to upgrade to the Plus or Premier plan. This covers you when you have taken your car on a business trip and are 100 miles or so from home. With the Premier plan, you have access to a 24-hour concierge and emergency medical services.

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